Thursday, July 19, 2018

Movie Review: Sorry to Bother You

As any athlete or sports fan will tell you, starting off a season on a lengthy winning streak is the type of rarity that you have to relish every moment of. Piling up a long strong of wins right out of the gate makes you feel invincible, fortunate and confident to the point where you almost begin to forget what losing feels like. However, no matter how good things seem to be going during a hot streak, you know in the back of your mind that perfection isn't sustainable over the course of a long season. It took roughly 6 months and 40 films to happen, but my unlikely, dud-free 2018 moviewatching run has finally come to a halt. Sorry to Bother You, the debut film from rapper/activist Boots Riley, is an inept, colossally messy satire that fails to deliver any effective social commentary or substantial laughs.   

I'll give Riley credit for one thing: I've truly never seen anything like Sorry to Bother You. The story of Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield-whose reliably magnetic presence prevents this from cratering even further down the quality ladder), a young man that gets exposed to the dark, bizarre underbelly of corporate America after he quickly rises up the hierarchy at a telemarketing company gets more and more insane as it goes along. By the time it reaches its surrealist conclusion, it's kind of unbelievable to think that the bonkers events that transpired over the course of this film were set in motion by an act as mundane as a laid-back dude from Oakland taking a deadend job to make ends meet. That being said, no amount of unexpected, quirky plot developments in the world could possibly make up for the staggering lack of focus that Riley displays here.

If Jackson Pollock transitioned his mindlessly throw shit on the canvas approach to the world of writing about the issues that plague modern society in the United States, he would be Riley. This script seems like it was concocted by an individual that had one too many tabs of acid at Burning Man and now believes they've uncovered all of the skeletons in America's closest. Riley references hot-button issues (Capitalism! Corporate Greed! Cultural Appropriation! Violence in Pop Culture!) at such a rapid clip that whatever messages he's trying to convey becomes completely incomprehensible in no time at all. After about 35-40 minutes of watching this aimless combination of half-baked social commentary and weird-for-the-sake-of-being-weird bullshit play out, I knew that I was going to passionately despise Sorry to Bother You.  

Riley's inability to coherently convey a message is only outdone by his inability to craft comedy. He was so preoccupied with jamming 62,000,000 references to socioeconomic problems into 105 minutes of screentime that the jokes end up feeling like an afterthought. Just about every gag is too straightfaced to fit the absurdist tone the film is trying to achieve and the few that are actually inane ("The White Voice", the popular game show in which Cassius eventually appears on, the soda can-throwing protestor) are ran into the ground with such ferocity that it nullifies whatever minimal effectiveness they had initially.

Sorry to Bother You's comedic missteps become even more unforgivable once you consider who was in front of the camera. Stanfield, Danny Glover, Terry Crews and basically everyone else in this cast is a naturally funny performer, but even they can't make 99% of these lazy, horrifically-timed jokes pop. Failing to register consistent laughs with that level of talent at your disposal flat-out shouldn't happen in this or any other universe that's inhabited by intelligent lifeforms. Yuck-averse Boots is going to have to attend a workshop or some shit before he tries his hand at comedy writing again because this shit was just embarrassing and painful to watch.

If nothing else, I'm glad that 2018's clean slate was broken up by a stinker of this magnitude. As unpleasant as they are to sit through, I find that films that evoke a strong sense of contempt within you are a useful tool for managing expectations and shaping how you look at the artform moving forward. Hopefully Sorry to Bother You serves as only a brief detour to Shitsville and not the start of a second-half downturn at the good ol' cinema.  

Grade: D

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Best and Worst of Amanda Seyfried

“The Best and Worst of” series chronicles the career highlights and lowlights of an actor starring in one of the week's new theatrical releases. This week, I take a look at the filmography of “Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again” star Amanda Seyfried.

Films starring Amanda Seyfried that I've seen:
Mean Girls
Alpha Dog
Red Riding Hood
In Time
A Million Ways to Die in the West
Ted 2

Best Performance: Mean Girls (2004)
Since Rachel McAdams' performance as Plastics leader Regina George is pretty much legendary at this point in time, Seyfried's similarly brilliant work as Karen Smith,the clique's ditsiest and most redeemable member, gets frequently overlooked. Thanks to Seyfried's note-perfect delivery, just about everything that comes out of Karen's mouth is a quotable, gut-busting home run.  

Worst Performance: Gone (2012)
While I think Seyfried is overrated as a dramatic performer, she's usually MUCH better than she was in Gone. Her painful turn in this ludicrous thriller about a woman (Seyfried) struggling with mental illness that fears the man who kidnapped her years earlier has returned to abduct her sister (Emily Wickersham) is without question some of the most egregious, cringeworthy overacting I've seen in recent years.

Best Film: Alpha Dog (2006)
Anchored by a captivating, fact-based story and some outstanding performances from Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Ben Foster and the late Anton Yelchin, Alpha Dog ended up being one of my favorite crime dramas of the 2000's. If grim stories featuring largely unlikable characters don't turn you off, I can't recommend this movie enough.

Worst Film: Red Riding Hood (2011)
The success of Twilight spawned a mini-wave of films in the early-2010's that offered up gritty takes on classic fairy tales and animated movies. None of these films were overly well-received by critics or audiences and with the possible exception of Snow White and the Huntsman-which went to spawn a sequel in 2016, have pretty much all disappeared from memory as the end of the decade approaches. Of the entries in this trend-hopping subgenre that I've sat through, Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood arguably made for the most unpleasant watch. Frequently alternating between over-the-top ridiculous and completely stoic, this poorly-acted gothic romance fails spectacularly as both a love story and campy piece of horror schlock.

Thank you for reading this week's edition of “The Best and Worst of”. The next victim of my praise and ire will be “Mission-Impossible:Fallout” star Henry Cavill.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Did the bleak ending of Infinity War leave you feeling hopeless? Well, the good people at Marvel knew that the finger snap felt around the universe would piss all over people's emotions, so they went out and cooked up a joyous pallet cleanser in the form of Ant-Man and the Wasp. The just-as-entertaining sequel to the 2015 superhero/heist movie hybrid is more concerned with letting its charismatic cast tell silly jokes and staging action scenes that play around with the shrinking/enlarging technology that gives the titular heroes (Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly) their superhuman abilities than establishing world-altering stakes. The proceedings are so consistently light that it even treat its villains (Hannah John-Kamen, Walton Goggins) more like playful adversaries that butt heads with the heroes than true antagonists with sinister agendas. This firm dedication to inconsequential goofiness may prevent it from going down as an overly memorable viewing experience, but I thought it was kind of nice to watch a superhero movie that tabled epic aspirations in favor of streamlined, relatively conflict-free simplicity.

Of course, this two-hour party is brought to a screeching halt by a mid-credits scene that brings these characters into the Infinity War narrative and subsequently creates a scenario that should serve as a jumping-off point for the second half of the story. Hopefully March's Captain Marvel will serve as a similarly engaging diversion before Thanos returns to reinforce the harsh reality of the current MCU.

Grade: B

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Quick Movie Reviews: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, The First Purge

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: Even as someone who is typically delighted by shiny, stupid blockbuster spectacle, I can't pretend like the Jurassic World films aren't starting to test my patience. Fallen Kingdom doubles down on the braindead lunacy of the original while cutting the entertainment value in half. Moving the action away from a relatively contained island setting to the sprawling mainland is a cool idea that results in some thrilling sequences, but for some inexplicable reason, these well-executed bits of dino action are often pushed aside for a ludicrous, human-centric story involving black market auctions, secret cloning experiments and another round of bizarre detours into family melodrama territory. At this point, I'm just curious to see how much further up the absurdity ladder Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow can go before this series comes to an end. If Chris Pratt ends up jumping off a motorcycle and roundhouse kicking a rogue raptor in the face at some point, I will instantly become the biggest Jurassic World fan on the planet.
Grade: C+

Sicario: Day of the Soldado:
Concocting a sequel to a widely-acclaimed film is a frightening task, especially when some key players (Emily Blunt, Denis Villenuve) aren't returning to the fold. Fortunately, the creative team behind Day of the Soldado handled the challenge admirably and ended up delivering a film that helped solidify the excellence of the Sicario brand. Director Stefano Sollima establishes a tense, uneasy tone throughout, just about every performance is top-notch and writer Taylor Sheridan does an excellent job of crafting an efficient story that showcases the morally dubious actions of both the United States government and Mexican drug cartels. It's far from a pleasant watch, but I still really enjoyed it.
Grade: B+

The First Purge: In the postmortem of Donald Trump being elected President, many people on social media predicted that the guaranteed turbulence of his presidency would result in the creation of a lot of great art from people that were disgusted by his election. Since that fateful day in November 2016, The Purge series is the only piece of politically-charged art that I've come across that I believe has flourished as a result of Captain Crowdsize's presence in the Oval Office. At a period of time where people from both sides of the aisle take to the hub of subtlety otherwise known Twitter to talk politics, this blunt critique of classism gets its message across in an appropriately nuance-free fashion. The First Purge continues this trend of capturing the ugly pulse of our royally fucked-up nation with another round of messy yet ultimately effective social commentary brilliantly juxtaposed with schlocky action and horror atmosphere.  

This prequel retains the formula laid down by the two prior sequels by following a group of disenfranchised people that come under siege during a 12 hour period of government-ordered where all crime is legal, but thanks to some nice touches in James DeMonaco's script, the storytelling becomes more effective. By disclosing how the New Founding Fathers ensured the Purge would turn into a nationwide phenomenon and adding some heft to the observations about how the government exploits poor people in this country and why these individuals are often forced to turn to crime as a result of that infrastructural neglect, make the events of the film that much more unsettling and haunting.

The First Purge's increased emotional resonance is further aided by the strength of its protagonists. Dimitri (Y'Lan Noel) and Nya (Lex Scott Davis) are the smartest, strongest and most engaging characters this franchise has featured thus far. Both actors do a great job of allowing their character's motivations to evolve on the fly once they discover what's really occurring on Purge night while also possessing the effortless likability that makes you really care about these people's safety once the insanity ratchets up in the third act.

As over-the-top as the content of the Purge series tends to be, I have to applaud DeMonaco, Jason Blum, Gerard McMurray and everyone else that has helped bring these movies to the big screen. Shining a light on a largely ignored issue that's arguably the source of America's biggest institutional problem through a series of action horror flicks that have continued to get more assured and potent as they've gone along is a hell of an accomplishment that seemed inconceivable to me when it started five years ago. I have no idea how I would feel about these movies if they were released in a different political climate, but right now, these visceral, heavy-handed reminders of this country's sinister institutional flaws that also serve as a rallying cry for citizens to go out and fight like hell to evoke positive change are pure zeitgeist poetry.  
Grade: A- 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Best and Worst of Andy Samberg

“The Best and Worst of” series chronicles the career highlights and lowlights of an actor starring in one of the week's new theatrical releases. This week, I take a look at the filmography of “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation" star Andy Samberg.

Films starring Andy Samberg that I've seen:
Hot Rod
I Love You, Man
Friends with Benefits
What's My Number?
That's My Boy
The Watch
Celeste and Jesse Forever
Hotel Transylvania 
Grown Ups 2
The To Do List
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Hotel Transylvania 2
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Take the 10
Brigsby Bear

Best Performance: Hot Rod (2007)
While his early Lonely Island videos/Saturday Night Live sketches made me laugh, Hot Rod was the project that turned me into a hardcore fan of Samberg. Amateur stuntman Rob Kimble was a perfect display of the over-the-top absurdity and effortless likability that has made Samberg a reliably strong comedic presence for over a decade.  

Worst Performance: The To Do List (2013)
As I just stated, Samberg makes me laugh just about every time he appears on screen. This fact made his underwhelming bit part in Maggie Carey's middling sex comedy The To Do List a seriously unpleasant surprise. As a hippie burnout acquaintance of the author of the titular list of goals (the always delightful Aubrey Plaza), Samberg went through some uncharacteristic struggles with the cartoonish persona that has served him well through his career.

Best Film: Hot Rod (2007)
Outside of Anchorman, I've never watched a comedy more than Hot Rod. It's collection of vibrant characters and gleefully dumb yet completely distinct sense of humor never fails to make me laugh my ass off.   

Worst Film: What's Your Number? (2011)
This putrid romantic comedy that mostly stars people I think highly of is an undisputed contender for the film that's been featured most frequently in the three year existence of this series. It seems like every few months, I'm forced to relive the misery of What's Your Number? by writing another string of words railing against it. Hopefully I'll eventually reach a point where I've covered every relevant actor in this ensemble and this god damn abomination will finally drift away from my brain forever. Stay tuned in a month or so when this deep-burning disdain is rehashed for the 86th time.    
Thank you for reading this week's edition of “The Best and Worst of”. The next victim of my praise and ire will be “Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again” star Amanda Seyfried.

Monday, July 9, 2018

2018 NFL Position Rankings: Full Series Recap

For those who are unfamiliar or missed individual entries of this series, here's the criteria:
1.Rookie are excluded
2.Each player is judged on where they currently stand in my opinion, not the player I believe they once were, are going to be, etc.
3.Each player is listed as a member of the team they will play for this upcoming season

Editor's Note: Due to severe injuries that have forced them to miss a significant amount of games over the past two seasons and could severely impact their level of play moving forward, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Texans defensive end J.J. Watt were excluded from this year's rankings.

25.Joe Flacco (Ravens)
24.Blake Bortles (Jaguars)
23.Deshaun Watson (Texans)
22.Tyrod Taylor (Browns)
21.Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers)
20.Nick Foles (Eagles)
19.Dak Prescott (Cowboys)
18.Andy Dalton (Bengals)
17.Jameis Winston (Buccaneers)
16.Derek Carr (Raiders)
15.Eli Manning (Giants)
14.Marcus Mariota (Titans)
13.Jared Goff (Rams)
12.Alex Smith (Redskins)
11.Phillip Rivers (Chargers)
10.Kirk Cousins (Vikings)
9.Matthew Stafford (Lions)
8.Cam Newton (Panthers)
7.Carson Wentz (Eagles)
6.Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)
5.Matt Ryan (Falcons)
4.Drew Brees (Saints)
3.Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
2.Aaron Rodgers (Packers)
1.Tom Brady (Patriots)

Running Back:
50.Jalen Richard (Raiders)
49.Joe Mixon (Bengals)
48.Charles Simms (Buccaneers)
47.T.J. Yeldon (Jaguars)
46.Tarik Cohen (Bears)
45.Alfred Morris (Cowboys)
44.Jonathan Stewart (Giants)
43.Orleans Darkwa (Free Agent)
42.Theo Riddick (Lions)
41.Javorious Allen (Ravens)
40.Corey Clement (Eagles)
39.Samjae Perine (Redskins)
38.Jeremy Hill (Patriots)
37.Doug Martin (Raiders)
36.Dalvin Cook (Vikings)
35.Kenyan Drake (Dolphins)
34.Christian McCaffery (Panthers)
33.Giovani Bernard (Bengals)
32.James White (Patriots)
31.Jerick McKinnon (49ers)
30.Bilal Powell (Jets)
29.DeMarco Murray (Free Agent)
28.LeGarrette Blount (Lions)
27.Spencer Ware (Chiefs)
26.Isaiah Crowell (Jets)
25.Duke Johnson Jr. (Browns)
24.Chris Thompson (Redskins)
23.Latavius Murray (Vikings)
22.Carlos Hyde (Browns)
21.Alex Collins (Ravens)
20.Marshawn Lynch (Raiders)
19.Frank Gore (Dolphins)
18.Tevin Coleman (Falcons)
17.Derrick Henry (Titans)
16.C.J. Anderson (Panthers)
15.Dion Lewis (Titans)
14.Melvin Gordon (Chargers)
13.Leonard Fournette (Jaguars)
12.Jay Ajayi (Eagles)
11.Lamar Miller (Texans)
10.Mark Ingram (Saints)
9.Jordan Howard (Bears)
8.Kareem Hunt (Chiefs)
7.Alvin Kamara (Saints)
6.LeSean McCoy (Bills)
5.Devonta Freeman (Falcons)
4.Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys)
3.David Johnson (Cardinals)
2.Todd Gurley (Rams)
1.Le'Veon Bell (Steelers)

Wide Receiver:
50.Randall Cobb (Packers)
49.Nelson Agholor (Eagles)
48.Sterling Shepard (Giants)
47.Paul Richardson (Redskins)
46.Tyrell Williams (Chargers)
45.Jermaine Kearse (Jets)
44.Momahed Sanu (Falcons)
43.Jamison Crowder (Redskins)
42.Mike Wallace (Eagles)
41.Kenny Stills (Dolphins)
40.Jordy Nelson (Raiders)
39.Josh Gordon (Browns)
38.Pierre Garcon (49ers)
37.Devin Funchess (Panthers)
36.Robby Anderson (Jets)
35.Sammy Watkins (Chiefs)
34.Cooper Kupp (Rams)
33.Marquise Goodwin (49ers)
32.Allen Robinson (Bears)
31.Julian Edelman (Patriots)
30.Michael Crabtree (Ravens)
29.Kelvin Benjamin (Bills)
28.Robert Woods (Rams)
27.Rishard Matthews (Titans)
26.JuJu Smith-Schuster (Steelers)
25.Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos)
24.Dez Bryant (Free Agent)
23.Amari Cooper (Raiders)
22.DeSean Jackson (Buccaneers)
21.Davante Adams (Packers)
20.Stefon Diggs (Vikings)
19.Marvin Jones Jr. (Lions)
18.Adam Thielen (Vikings)
17.Golden Tate (Lions)
16.Jarvis Landry (Browns)
15.Alshon Jeffrey (Eagles)
14.Brandin Cooks (Rams)
13.Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)
12.Tyreek Hill (Chiefs)
11.Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
10.T.Y. Hilton (Colts)
9.Mike Evans (Buccaneers)
8.Keenan Allen (Chargers)
7.Doug Baldwin (Seahawks)
6.Michael Thomas (Saints)
5.A.J. Green (Bengals)
4.Julio Jones (Falcons)
3.Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants)
2.DeAndre Hopkins (Texans)
1.Antonio Brown (Steelers)

Tight End:
20.George Kittle (49ers)
19.Benjamin Watson (Saints)
18.Austin Hooper (Falcons)
17.Vernon Davis (Redskins)
16.Eric Ebron (Colts)
15.Tyler Eifert (Bengals)
14.Charles Clay (Bills)
13.Jared Cook (Raiders)
12.Cameron Brate (Buccaneers)
11.Hunter Henry (Chargers)
10.Jack Doyle (Colts)
9.Evan Engram (Giants)
8.Kyle Rudolph (Vikings)
7.Jordan Reed (Redskins)
6.Jimmy Graham (Packers)
5.Delanie Walker (Titans)
4.Greg Olsen (Panthers)
3.Zach Ertz (Eagles)
2.Travis Kelce (Chiefs)
1.Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)

30.Dion Dawkins (Bills)
29.Marcus Cannon (Patriots)
28.Terron Armstead (Saints)
27.Bryan Bulaga (Packers)
26.Mitchell Schwartz (Chiefs)
25.Charles Leno Jr. (Bears)
24.Russell Okung (Chargers)
23.Ryan Schrader (Falcons)
22.Jake Matthews (Falcons)
21.Ronnie Stanley (Ravens)
20.Demar Dotson (Buccaneers)
19.Ryan Ramcyzk (Saints)
18.Cordy Glenn (Bengals)
17.Duane Brown (Seahawks)
16.Nate Solder (Giants)
15.Alejandro Villaneuva (Steelers)
14.Daryl Williams (Panthers)
13.Donald Penn (Raiders)
12.Jack Conklin (Titans)
11.Ricky Wagner (Lions)
10.Marcus Gilbert (Steelers)
9.Taylor Lewan (Titans)
8.Jason Peters (Eagles)
7.Lane Johnson (Eagles)
6.Anthony Castonzo (Colts)
5.Joe Staley (49ers)
4.Tyron Smith (Cowboys)
3.David Bakhtari (Packers)
2.Andrew Whitworth (Rams)
1.Trent Williams (Redskins)

30.John Jerry (Giants)
29.Trai Turner (Panthers)
28.Ramon Foster (Steelers)
27.Clint Boling (Bengals)
26.Justin Pugh (Cardinals)
25.Cody Whitehair (Bears)
24.Quinton Spain (Titans)
23.Stefen Wisnewski (Eagles)
22.Ali Marpet (Buccaneers)
21.Josh Kline (Titans)
20.Joe Thuney (Patriots)
19.Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (Chiefs)
18.Andy Levitre (Falcons)
17.Kyle Long (Bears)
16.Gabe Jackson (Raiders)
15.Larry Warford (Saints)
14.Josh Sitton (Dolphins)
13.Ronald Leary (Broncos)
12.Brandon Schreff (Redskins)
11.Shaq Mason (Patriots)
10.T.J. Lang (Lions)
9.Rodger Saffold (Rams)
8.Kelechi Osemele (Raiders)
7.Kevin Zeitler (Browns)
6.Joel Bitonio (Browns)
5.Andrew Norwell (Jaguars)
4.Brandon Brooks (Eagles)
3.Zach Martin (Cowboys)
2.David DeCastro (Steelers)
1.Marshal Yanda (Ravens)

20.Chase Roullier (Redskins)
19.Mike Pouncey (Chargers)
18.Brett Jones (Giants)
17.Corey Linsley (Packers)
16.Justin Britt (Seahawks)
15.Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers)
14.Max Unger (Saints)
13.Ryan Kalil (Panthers)
12.Weston Richburg (49ers)
11.JC Tretter (Browns)
10.John Sullivan (Rams)
9.Ryan Jensen (Buccaneers)
8.Ben Jones (Titans)
7.David Andrews (Patriots)
6.Matt Paradis (Broncos)
5.Jason Kelce (Eagles)
4.Brandon Linder (Jaguars)
3.Rodney Hudson (Raiders)
2.Travis Fredrick (Cowboys)
1.Alex Mack (Falcons)

Defensive Tackle:
30.Al Woods (Colts)
29.Dalvin Tomlinson (Giants)
28.Kyle Williams (Bills)
27.Malcom Brown (Patriots)
26.Justin Ellis (Raiders)
25.Domata Peko (Broncos)
24.Danny Shelton (Patriots)
23.Corey Peters (Cardinals)
22.D.J. Reader (Texans)
21.Star Lotulelei (Bills)
20.Michael Pierce (Ravens)
19.Marcell Dareus (Jaguars)
18.David Irving (Cowboys)
17.Sheldon Richardson (Vikings)
16.Timmy Jernigan (Eagles)
15.Kenny Clark (Packers)
14.Chris Jones (Chiefs)
13.Malik Jackson (Jaguars)
12.Grady Jarrett (Falcons)
11.DeForest Buckner (49ers)
10.Brandon Williams (Ravens)
9.Linval Joseph (Vikings)
8.Jurrell Casey (Titans)
7.Gerald McCoy (Buccaneers)
6.Damon Harrison (Giants)
5.Kawann Short (Panthers)
4.Ndamukong Suh (Rams)
3.Geno Atkins (Bengals)
2.Fletcher Cox (Eagles)
1.Aaron Donald (Rams)

Defensive End:
35.DaQuan Jones (Titans)
34.John Simon (Colts)
33.Brooks Reed (Falcons)
32.Adrian Clayborn (Patriots)
31.Myles Garrett (Browns)
30.Derek Wolfe (Broncos)
29.Mario Addison (Panthers)
28.Alex Okafor (Saints)
27.Frank Clark (Seahawks)
26.William Hayes (Dolphins)
25.Danielle Hunter (Vikings)
24.Ezekiel Ansah (Lions)
23.Michael Brockers (Rams)
22.Vinny Curry (Buccaneers)
21.Jabaal Sheard (Colts)
20.Jerry Hughes (Bills)
19.Michael Bennett (Eagles)
18.Jason Pierre-Paul (Buccaneers)
17.Yannick Ngakoue (Jaguars)
16.Leonard Williams (Jets)
15.Carlos Dunlap (Bengals)
14.Akiem Hicks (Bears)
13.Trey Flowers (Patriots)
12.Cameron Wake (Dolphins)
11.Cameron Heyward (Steelers)
10.DeMarcus Lawrence (Cowboys)
9.Everson Griffen (Vikings)
8.Melvin Ingram (Chargers)
7.Mike Daniels (Packers)
6.Joey Bosa (Chargers)
5.Brandon Graham (Eagles)
4.Chandler Jones (Cardinals)
3.Calias Campbell (Jaguars)
2.Cameron Jordan (Saints)
1.Khalil Mack (Raiders)

Inside Linebacker:
25.Korey Toomer (49ers)
24.Joe Schobert (Browns)
23.Zach Cunningham (Texans)
22.Brandon Marshall (Broncos)
21.Zach Brown (Redskins)
20.Nick Kwiatkoski (Bears)
19.Reuben Foster (49ers)
18.Benardrick McKinney (Texans)
17.Derrick Johnson (Raiders)
16.Todd Davis (Broncos)
15.Wesley Woodyard (Titans)
14.Eric Kendricks (Vikings)
13.Blake Martinez (Packers)
12.Anthony Hitchens (Chiefs)
11.Jake Ryan (Packers)
10.Mychal Kendricks (Browns)
9.Demario Davis (Saints)
8.Avery Williamson (Jets)
7.Danny Trevathan (Bears)
6.Don'ta Hightower (Patriots)
5.C.J. Mosley (Ravens)
4.Sean Lee (Cowboys)
3.Deion Jones (Falcons)
2.Luke Kuechly (Panthers)
1.Bobby Wagner (Seahawks)

Outside Linebacker:
35.Aaron Lynch (Bears)
34.Carl Lawson (Bengals)
33.Craig Robertson (Saints)
32.Jamie Collins (Browns)
31.Leonard Floyd (Bears)
30.T.J. Watt (Steelers)
29.Christian Kirksey (Browns)
28.Pernell McPhee (Redskins)
27.Lorenzo Alexander (Bills)
26.Shaq Thompson (Panthers)
25.Vic Beasley Jr. (Falcons)
24.De'Vondre Campbell (Falcons)
23.Tahir Whitehead (Raiders)
22.Anthony Barr (Vikings)
21.Shaquill Barrett (Broncos)
20.Nick Perry (Packers)
19.Preston Smith (Redskins)
18.Derrick Morgan (Titans)
17.Nigel Bradham (Eagles)
16.Bruce Irvin (Raiders)
15.Thomas Davis (Panthers)
14.Clay Matthews (Packers)
13.Whitney Mercilus (Texans)
12.Myles Jack (Jaguars)
11.Vontaze Burfict (Bengals)
10.Terrell Suggs (Ravens)
9.Brian Orakpo (Titans)
8.Olivier Vernon (Giants)
7.Ryan Kerrigan (Redskins)
6.K.J. Wright (Seahawks)
5.Jadeveon Clowney (Texans)
4.Telvin Smith (Jaguars)
3.Lavonte David (Buccaneers)
2.Justin Houston (Chiefs)
1.Von Miller (Broncos)

50.Briean Boddy-Calhoun (Browns)
49.Aaron Colvin (Texans)
48.Adoree' Jackson (Titans)
47.Desmond King (Chargers)
46.Darqueze Dennard (Bengals)
45.Bryce Callahan (Bears)
44.Justin Coleman (Seahawks)
43.Mike Hilton (Steelers)
42.Ken Crawley (Saints)
41.Logan Ryan (Titans)
40.Jonathan Joseph (Texans)
39.Joe Haden (Steelers)
38.Artie Burns (Steelers)
37.William Jackson III (Bengals)
36.Nickell Robey-Coleman (Rams)
35.Bobby McCain (Dolphins)
34.Rashaan Melvin (Raiders)
33.Byron Maxwell (Seahawks)
32.E.J. Gaines (Browns)
31.Brandon Carr (Ravens)
30.Trumaine Johnson (Jets)
29.Trevor Williams (Chargers)
28.Prince Amukamara (Bears)
27.Jason McCourty (Patriots)
26.Jimmy Smith (Ravens)
25.Tramon Williams (Packers)
24.Kendall Fuller (Chiefs)
23.Bradley Roby (Broncos)
22.Kyle Fuller (Bears)
21.Robert Alford (Falcons)
20.Brent Grimes (Buccaneers)
19.Ronald Darby (Eagles)
18.Patrick Robinson (Saints)
17.Tre'Davious White (Bills)
16.Marshon Lattimore (Saints)
15.Malcolm Butler (Titans)
14.Josh Norman (Redskins)
13.Janoris Jenkins (Giants)
12.Stephon Gilmore (Patriots)
11.Desmond Trufant (Falcons)
10.Marcus Peters (Rams)
9.Xavier Rhodes (Vikings)
8.Richard Sherman (49ers)
7.Darius Slay (Lions)
6.A.J. Bouye (Jaguars)
5.Aqib Talib (Rams)
4.Patrick Peterson (Cardinals)
3.Jalen Ramsey (Jaguars)
2.Chris Harris Jr. (Broncos)
1.Casey Hayward (Chargers)

50.Eddie Jackson (Bears)
49.Bradley McDougald (Seahawks)
48.Jaquiski Tartt (49ers)
47.Marcus Gillchrist (Raiders)
46.T.J. McDonald (Dolphins)
45.T.J. Ward (Free Agent)
44.Shawn Williams (Bengals)
43.Patrick Chung (Patriots)
42.Justin Simmons (Broncos)
41.Jeff Heath (Cowboys)
40.Eric Reid (Free Agent)
39.Tre Boston (Free Agent)
38.Duron Harmon (Patriots)
37.Jamal Adams (Jets)
36.Reggie Nelson (Raiders)
35.Ricardo Allen (Falcons)
34.Darian Stewart (Broncos)
33.Byron Jones (Cowboys)
32.Morgan Burnett (Steelers)
31.Budda Baker (Cardinals)
30.Karl Joseph (Raiders)
29.Jahleel Addae (Chargers)
28.D.J. Swearinger (Redskins)
27.John Johnson III (Rams)
26.Tashaun Gibson (Jaguars)
25.Marcus Williams (Saints)
24.Rodney McLeod (Eagles)
23.George Iloka (Bengals)
22.HaHa Clinton-Dix (Packers)
21.Jordan Poyer (Bills)
20.Antoine Bethea (Cardinals)
19.Mike Adams (Panthers)
18.Tyrann Mathieau (Texans)
17.Andrew Sendejo (Vikings)
16.Micah Hyde (Bills)
15.Keanu Neal (Falcons)
14.Kevin Byard (Titans)
13.Barry Church (Jaguars)
12.Malcolm Jenkins (Eagles)
11.Tony Jefferson (Ravens)
10.LaMarcus Joyner (Rams)
9.Adrian Amos (Bears)
8.Devin McCourty (Patriots)
7.Glover Quin (Lions)
6.Landon Collins (Giants)
5.Eric Berry (Chiefs)
4.Reshad Jones (Dolphins)
3.Eric Weddle (Ravens)
2.Earl Thomas (Seahawks)
1.Harrison Smith (Vikings)

20.Kai Forbath (Vikings)
19.Cairo Santos (Jets)
18.Brandon McManus (Broncos)
17.Dustin Hopkins (Redskins)
16.Harrison Butker (Chiefs)
15.Josh Lambo (Jaguars)
14.Will Lutz (Saints)
13.Mason Crosby (Packers)
12.Steven Hauschka (Bills)
11.Adam Vinatieri (Colts)
10.Jake Elliott (Eagles)
9.Matt Prater (Lions)
8.Graham Gano (Panthers)
7.Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots)
6.Robbie Gould (49ers)
5.Chris Boswell (Steelers)
4.Dan Bailey (Cowboys)
3.Greg Zuerlein (Rams)
2.Matt Bryant (Falcons)
1.Justin Tucker (Ravens)

20.Lachlan Edwards (Jets)
19.Britton Colquitt (Browns)
18.Jon Ryan (Seahawks)
17.Riley Dixon (Giants)
16.Sam Koch (Ravens)
15.Chris Jones (Cowboys)
14.Pat O'Donnell (Bears)
13.Dustin Colquitt (Chiefs)
12.Tress Way (Redskins)
11.Bryan Anger (Buccaneers)
10.Sam Martin (Lions)
9.Drew Kaser (Chargers)
8.Matt Bosher (Falcons)
7.Kevin Huber (Bengals)
6.Brett Kern (Titans)
5.Andy Lee (Cardinals)
4.Marquette King (Broncos)
3.Shane Lechler (Texans)
2.Thomas Morstead (Saints)
1.Johnny Hekker (Rams)

Top 10 Appearances by Team (most to least):
Los Angeles Rams-11 (Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Johnny Hekker, LaMarcus Joyner, Marcus Peters, Rodger Saffold, Ndamukong Suh, John Sullivan, Aqib Talib, Andrew Whitworth, Greg Zuerlein)
Philadelphia Eagles-9 (Brandon Brooks, Fletcher Cox, Jake Elliott, Zach Ertz, Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Jason Peters, Carson Wentz)
Atlanta Falcons-7 (Matt Bosher, Matt Bryant, Devonta Freeman, Deion Jones, Julio Jones, Alex Mack Matt Ryan)
Dallas Cowboys-7 (Dan Bailey, Ezekiel Elliott, Travis Fredrick, DeMarcus Lawrence, Sean Lee, Zach Martin, Tyron Smith)
New Orleans Saints-7 (Drew Brees, Demario Davis, Mark Ingram, Cameron Jordan, Alvin Kamara, Thomas Morstead, Michael Thomas)
Baltimore Ravens-6 (C.J. Mosley, Terrell Suggs, Justin Tucker, Eric Weddle, Brandon Williams, Marshal Yanda)
Detroit Lions-6 (T.J. Lang, Sam Martin, Matt Prater, Glover Quin, Darius Slay, Matthew Stafford)
Jacksonville Jaguars-6 (A.J. Bouye, Calias Campbell, Brandon Linder, Andrew Norwell, Jalen Ramsey, Telvin Smith)
Minnesota Vikings-6 (Kirk Cousins, Everson Griffen, Linval Joseph, Xavier Rhodes, Kyle Rudolph, Harrison Smith)
New England Patriots-6 (David Andrews, Tom Brady, Stephen Gostkowski, Rob Gronkowski, Dont'a Hightower, Devin McCourty)
Pittsburgh Steelers-6 (Le'Veon Bell, Chris Boswell, Antonio Brown, David DeCastro, Marcus Gilbert, Ben Roethlisberger)
Tennessee Titans-6 (Jurrell Casey, Ben Jones, Brett Kern, Taylor Lewan, Brian Orakpo, Delanie Walker)
Carolina Panthers-5 (Graham Gano, Luke Kuechly, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Kawann Short)
Los Angeles Chargers-5 (Keenan Allen, Joey Bosa, Casey Hayward, Melvin Ingram, Drew Kaser)
New York Giants-5 (Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins, Evan Engram, Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon)
Seattle Seahawks-5 (Doug Baldwin, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, K.J. Wright)
Arizona Cardinals-4 (David Johnson, Chandler Jones, Andy Lee, Patrick Peterson)
Denver Broncos-4 (Chris Harris Jr., Marquette King, Von Miller, Matt Paradis)

Green Bay Packers-4 (David Bakhtiari, Mike Daniels, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Rodgers)
Kansas City Chiefs-4 (Eric Berry, Justin Houston, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-4 (Lavonte David, Mike Evans, Ryan Jensen, Gerald McCoy)
Chicago Bears-3 (Adrian Amos, Jordan Howard, Danny Trevathan)
Cincinnati Bengals-3 (Geno Atkins, A.J. Green, Kevin Huber)
Cleveland Browns-3 (Joel Bitonio, Mychal Kendricks, Kevin Zeitler)
Houston Texans-3 (Jadeveon Clowney, DeAndre Hopkins, Shane Lechler)
Indianapolis Colts-3 (Anthony Castonzo, Jack Doyle, T.Y. Hilton)
Oakland Raiders-3 (Rodney Hudson, Khalil Mack, Kelechi Osemele)
San Francisco 49ers-3 (Robbie Gould, Richard Sherman, Joe Staley)
Washington Redskins-3 (Ryan Kerrigan, Jordan Reed, Trent Williams)
Buffalo Bills-1 (LeSean McCoy)
Miami Dolphins-1 (Reshad Jones)
New York Jets-1 (Avery Williamson)

Friday, July 6, 2018

2018 NFL Position Rankings: Top 20 Punters

20.Lachlan Edwards (Jets)
19.Britton Colquitt (Browns)
18.Jon Ryan (Seahawks)
17.Riley Dixon (Giants)
16.Sam Koch (Ravens)
15.Chris Jones (Cowboys)
14.Pat O'Donnell (Bears)
13.Dustin Colquitt (Chiefs)
12.Tress Way (Redskins)
11.Bryan Anger (Buccaneers)
10.Sam Martin (Lions)
9.Drew Kaser (Chargers)
8.Matt Bosher (Falcons)
7.Kevin Huber (Bengals)
6.Brett Kern (Titans)
5.Andy Lee (Cardinals)
4.Marquette King (Broncos)
3.Shane Lechler (Texans)
2.Thomas Morstead (Saints)
1.Johnny Hekker (Rams)