Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 7 Fantasy Football Winners and Losers

MVP: Andrew Luck (Colts)
After a so-so performance against the Texans in Week 6, Andrew Luck came back in a big way this week. Luck carved up the Titans solid secondary, picking up 353 YDS and 3 TD through the air and an additional 17 yards on the ground. Luck's gunslinger mentality makes him susceptible to crippling stinkers every once in a while, but he's still an elite QB1 option that should be started every week.   
Honorable Mentions: Drew Brees (Saints), Tyrod Taylor (Bills), Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

LVP: Eli Manning (Giants)
Eli Manning's October cold streak followed him across the pond. While Manning played a clean, turnover-free game in London on Sunday, the Rams defense forced to him throw short passes all game, which resulted in pretty middling performance (196 YDS and 0 TD) for the Giants signal-caller. Manning's fortunes seems like they're bound to turn around soon as the Giants face the Bengals, Browns and Bears in 3 of their first 4 games following their Week 8 bye. 
Dishonorable Mentions: Russell Wilson (Seahawks), Blake Bortles (Jaguars), Derek Carr (Raiders)

Running Back
MVP: Melvin Gordon (Chargers)
2016's most improbable fantasy success story just wrote his impressive chapter to date. Melvin Gordon was borderline unstoppable in Week 7 as he picked up 121 total yards (68 rushing, 53 receiving) and 3 TD's (2 rushing, 1 receiving) in the Chargers comeback OT win over the Falcons. Gordon has been a regular in the endzone in 2016 (10 TD in 7 games) and given the Chargers general lack of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, there's no reason to believe he won't continue to regularly find paydirt for the rest of the season.
Honorable Mentions: Jay Ajayi (Dolphins), LeGarrette Blount (Patriots), Matt Forte (Jets)

LVP: Terrance West (Ravens)
Marty Mornhinweg's puzzling offensive playcalling and a matchup against a stout Jets run KO'd Terrance West in Week 7. West managed 10 yards on a mere 8 carries in yet another ugly loss for the Ravens, who have now lost 4 straight since their 3-0 start. West is still the top dog in the Ravens crowded backfield committee and he should continue to be a mid-level RB2 as long as he remains the starter. 
Dishonorable Mentions: Jordan Howard (Bears), Matt Jones (Redskins), Christine Michael (Seahawks)

Wide Receiver
MVP: A.J. Green (Bengals)
After 2 consecutive so-so to decent outings, A.J. Green delivered his 3rd "holy shit" performance (150+ yards) of the still relatively young 2016 season. Green brought in all 8 balls thrown his way for 169 yards and a TD-an absurd 1-handed leaping grab on a hail mary that will live in infamy for the rest time-against the Browns porous secondary. Green has another plus matchup in Week 8 against a potentially Josh Norman-less Redskins secondary.   
Honorable Mentions: Mike Evans (Buccaneers), T.Y. Hilton (Colts), Randall Cobb (Packers)

LVP: Allen Robinson (Jaguars)
Allen Robinson nightmarish 2016 campaign hit a new low in Week 7. Despite facing a Raiders secondary that has gotten repeatedly torched this season, Robinson managed to have just 2 receptions for 9 yards on 8 targets (tied with Marqise Lee for most on the team). The struggles of Blake Bortles paired with his sudden inability to get separation from opposing defensive backs on a regular basis has led to a serious regression from the 3rd-year receiver in 2016. This strong candidate for fantasy bust of the year is currently a risky WR3 play at best.
Dishonorable Mentions: Amari Cooper (Raiders), Jordy Nelson (Packers), Alshon Jeffrey (Bears)

Tight End
MVP: Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)
In a shocking turn of events, Rob Gronkowski tore shit up in Week 7. The Steelers admittedly did a decent job covering Gronk for most of the game, but unfortunately for them, they still allowed him to pick up 93 YDS and a TD on just 4 receptions. Gronkowski is back in kill mode and the only thing the rest of the NFL can do now is pray.  
Honorable Mentions: Delanie Walker (Titans), Jack Doyle (Colts), Julius Thomas (Jaguars)

LVP: Martellus Bennett (Patriots)
On a day where one half of the Patriots dynamic tight end duo was unstoppable, the other one was basically invisible. Martellus Bennett picked up 1 catch for 5 yards on just 2 targets as the Patriots focused on a more of a run-first attack against the Steelers. Bennett's downfield ability and redzone targets make him one of the most intriguing TE's in the league, but his owners should be wary of using him as a weekly starter because of Tom Brady's love for spreading the ball around to different receivers each week.  
Dishonorable Mentions: Hunter Henry (Chargers), Travis Kelce (Chiefs), Dennis Pitta (Ravens)

MVP: Philadelphia Eagles
A week after earning the top defensive spot through a pair of touchdowns, the Eagles picked up the honor in a more traditional fashion this week. The Eagles terrorized a Vikings offense that hadn't turned the ball all over coming into this game, picking up 6 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, an interception and a kick return TD while only allowing 10 points. The Eagles defense aren't a strong contender to go for the MVP 3peat in Week 8 as they face the turnover/sack-averse Cowboys offense, but should be still played regardless.  
Honorable Mentions: Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers

LVP: Buffalo Bills
The Bills recent hot streak came to a crashing halt on Sunday. The Bills got 1 sack, failed to get a takeaway and surrendered 28 points in a surprising loss against the Dolphins, who are suddenly showing life after an ugly 1-4 start. The Bills have a rough matchup against the Tom Brady-led Patriots in Week 8, so I would advise their owners to go to stream a replacement option such as the Jets, Chargers or Raiders this week.
Dishonorable Mentions: Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

()=last week's ranking

1. (2) New England Patriots (6-1) Week 8 opponent: Buffalo Bills
2. (4) Dallas Cowboys (5-1) Week 8 opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
3. (1) Minnesota Vikings (5-1) Week 8 opponent: Chicago Bears
4. (3) Seattle Seahawks (4-1-1) Week 8 opponent: New Orleans Saints
5. (6) Denver Broncos (5-2) Week 8 opponent: San Diego Chargers
6. (11) Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) Week 8 opponent: Dallas Cowboys
7. (9) Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) Week 8 opponent: Indianapolis Colts
8. (10) Green Bay Packers (4-2) Week 8 opponent: Atlanta Falcons
9. (13) Oakland Raiders (5-2) Week 8 opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. (5) Atlanta Falcons (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Green Bay Packers
11. (8) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
12. (7) Buffalo Bills (4-3) Week 8 opponent: New England Patriots
13. (17) Detroit Lions (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Houston Texans
14. (12) Washington Redskins (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Cincinnati Bengals
15. (14) Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1) Week 8 opponent: Carolina Panthers
16. (18) New York Giants (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
17. (15) Houston Texans (4-3) Week 8 opponent: Detroit Lions
18. (24) San Diego Chargers (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Denver Broncos
19. (22) Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Washington Redskins
20. (16) Baltimore Ravens (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
21. (19) Los Angeles Rams (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
22. (25) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3) Week 8 opponent: Oakland Raiders
23. (26) Indianapolis Colts (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Kansas City Chiefs
24. (28) Miami Dolphins (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
25. (20) Tennessee Titans (3-4) Week 8 opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
26. (21) New Orleans Saints (2-4) Week 8 opponent: Seattle Seahawks
27. (30) New York Jets (2-5) Week 8 opponent: Cleveland Browns
28. (27) Carolina Panthers (1-5) Week 8 opponent: Arizona Cardinals
29. (23) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4) Week 8 opponent: Tennessee Titans
30. (29) Chicago Bears (1-6) Week 8 opponent: Minnesota Vikings
31. (31) San Francisco 49ers (1-6) Week 8 opponent: Bye Week
32. (32) Cleveland Browns (0-7) Week 8 opponent: New York Jets

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Best and Worst of Ben Foster

The "Best and Worst" series profiles the best and worst work of an actor starring in one of the week's new theatrical releases. This week I take a look at the filmography of "Inferno" star Ben Foster.

Films starring Ben Foster that I've seen:
Big Trouble
The Punisher 
X-Men: The Last Stand 
Alpha Dog 
3:10 to Yuma
30 Days of Night
The Mechanic
Lone Survivor
The Finest Hours
Hell or High Water

Best Performance: Alpha Dog (2007) 
Alpha Dog is a potent, engrossing crime drama that I feel is highly underrated. The quality of its massive acting ensemble is the primary reason that I loved the film and of that talented bunch that includes the likes of Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and the late Anton Yelchin, Foster is the clear standout. As the skinhead brother of a teenager (Yelchin) who's been kidnapped as a form of ransom by the drug dealer (Emile Hirsch) he owes money to, Foster is a fragile emotional powerhouse that is brimming with unhinged intensity and sincere pain every moment he's on screen. 

Worst Performance:
Big Trouble (2002)
Big Trouble is a pretty forgettable comedy that oddly featured a number of future stars including Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara and Foster in some of their first Hollywood roles. This overly quirky dark comedy featured lackluster performances from a majority of its cast (Johnny Knoxville and Stanley Tucci are the only two actors that showed up to play here), but Foster came out looking worse than anyone not named Tim Allen. Foster proved here that he has no knack for comedy with a performance that was completely soulless and unfitting for the material.   

Best Film: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Films like 3:10 to Yuma are why I'll always give remakes a chance. When a film is this exhilarating, sharp and universally well-acted, who cares if it's an update of a preexisting film?  

Worst Film: The Finest Hours (2016) 
While there's still a bunch of films slated for release over the next two months and a number of others from earlier this year that I still need to catch up on, 2016 has been notable for its lack of serious duds. To be honest, the only truly unholy piece of shit I've seen this year is The Finest Hours. Director Craig Gillespie (Million Dollar Arm, Fright Night) managed to turn a pretty remarkable true story of the Coast Guard's storied rescue of the crew of the SS Pendleton during a blizzard off the coast of New England in 1952 into a tedious snoozefest that focuses more on documenting the sappy romance between the hero Coast Guard officer (a god awful Chris Pine) and his fiance (an equally wretched Holliday Grainger) than the rescue itself. It wouldn't surprise in the least if this corny, overly sentimental pile of trash ultimately went down as my pick for the worst movie of this year.

 Thank you for reading this week's installment of "The Best and Worst of". Next week, I'll take a look at the best and worst work of "Doctor Strange" star Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Movie Review: The Accountant

Epic paradoxes like The Accountant don't come down the Hollywood pipeline too often, but when they do it's a glorious occasion for fans of overwhelming irony everywhere. The titular accountant (Ben Affleck) is an autistic math wizard/covert military-trained assassin that is hired by criminal organizations to "uncook the books" and figure who or what is responsible for their lost funds. However, the movie surrounding this mathematical prodigy seems to have been constructed by a braindead teenager with a severe case of ADHD. Screenwriter Bill Dubuque (The Judge) is content with introducing a whole bunch of supporting characters (J.K. Simmons' U.S. treasury agent, Anna Kendrick's love interest/unintentional sidekick, Jon Bernthal's rival hitman) and subplots that are either not fleshed out or completely inconsequential for a majority of the film. Thanks to the plot twists revealed in the last 20 minutes of the film, all of the poorly-conceived storylines suddenly collide and yield an avalanche of mind-numbingly absurd resolutions that was more than enough to conjure up an extended expletive-filled rant as soon as I exited the theater. These types of narrative contrivances and gaps in logic usually don't bother me, but when a film is as stone-serious and plot-driven as The Accountant, it's impossible for me to not get frustrated by them. 

Labuque's gross incompetence is salvaged by the force of Ben Affleck's performance. Affleck is convincing as both the man whose autism and rough upbringing have left him completely disconnected from the world and the ruthless assassin who can dismantle a team of skilled mercenaries without batting an eyelash. Between this and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016 deserves to go down as the year Affleck overcame shitty scripts to deliver a pair of terrific, layered performances. While its narrative flaws are crippling, the quality of the acting and the fight scenes are just enough to make The Accountant a passable autumn thriller.
3/5 Stars

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Album Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan-Dissociation

The Dillinger Escape Plan shocked the metal world in early August when they announced they were going to be breaking up following the completion of the touring cycle for their sixth studio album Dissociation in 2017. That unexpected announcement unsurprisingly generated a bittersweet feeling among the band's devoted fanbase and raised the hype surrounding Dissociation to a sky-high level. Even with the borderline unrealistic expectations that were placed upon it by throngs of Dillinger diehards (myself included), Dissociation manages to be one hell of a swan song for the matchcore pioneers.

Every time you listen to a Dillinger Escape Plan record, you're expecting to experience a slice of controlled musical chaos packed into a sprawling yet cohesive package. Dissociation takes that Dillinger trademark characteristic and injects with a shitload of performance-enhancing drugs. The level of gleefully strange experimentation on this record is so constant that it makes the rest of their discography look accessible by comparison. Opening track "Limerent Death" does an excellent job of teasing the madness the rest of the album offers up. The song combines massive grooves, subtle violins, vocalist Greg Puciato's ear-piercing shrieks and guitarist Ben Weinman's signature fret-board spanning spazzouts to create a monster of track that kicks the listener in the teeth for four minutes.

The twists and turns only get crazier as Dissociation progresses. Dillinger incorporates everything from prominent strings ("Nothing to Forget") to oft-kilter jazz guitar passages ("Honeysuckle") to eerie, atmospheric synths that wouldn't be out of place on a Boards of Canada song (the title track) into their chaotic musical attack. Unlocking all of the different layers present on Dissociation will take even longer than usual for a Dillinger record and the adventure that comes with re-listening to this album is a large part of why it's so special.

Of course this cornucopia of wide-spanning musical influences wouldn't work nearly as well if it wasn't for Dillinger Escape Plan's tremendous musicianship. You can feel that each member of the band wanted to push the boundaries of what they were capable of musically here and it results in Dissociation featuring some of the most dense, awe-inspiring compositions they've ever crafted.

Like just about every other one of their records, Weinman and Puciato end up giving the most attention-grabbing performances on Dissociation. Weinman's absurd technical chops and Puciato's staggering vocal range allow Dillinger to make even the most drastic tempo or genre change sound effortlessly organic. Tracks like "Surrogate", "Wanting Not So Much to as to" and "Manufacturing Discontent" feature some of the most frantic, creative guitar passages and stunning clean-sung/screamed vocal sections that Dillinger has ever recorded. The musical versatility and songwriting prowess of Dillinger's unofficial power couple ensures that Dissociation is one of the finest releases they've ever put out.    

While Weinman and Puciato are Dillinger's two primary mad scientists, the rhythm section of bassist Liam Wilson and drummer Billy Rymer still play an integral role in the success of Dissociation's whacked-out experiments. Wilson's thunderous bass lines and Rymer's elaborate fills often serve as the guiding force that prevents this chaotic machine from spontaneously combusting. Weinman and Puciato may shape the identity of Dillinger Escape Plan, but I hope that history that doesn't forget the significant contributions Wilson and Rymer have made to this band over the years.           

Dissociation is about as satisfying of a final record as you'll ever hear in the music industry. This is exactly the type of beautiful, unpredictable and violent record I'd hoped Dillinger Escape Plan would end their career with. I'm obviously really bummed that they're calling it quits while they're still in their prime, but at least they went out with an album that's as inspired and true to their roots as Dissociation. I can't thank Dillinger Escape Plan enough for their contributions to the metal community over their nearly 20 years of activity and I know god damn well that they'll never be another band as intense, strange or dynamic as them ever again.  

4.5/5 Stars
Standout Tracks
2.Apologies Not Included
3.Manufacturing Discontent

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 6 Fantasy Football Winners and Losers

MVP: Drew Brees (Saints)
At the ripe age of 37, Brees continues to be an A+ fantasy quarterback option. Brees shredded the suddenly inept Panthers defense for 465 YDS and 4 TD in the Saints 41-38 victory on Sunday. Brees has a much rougher matchup this week against the Chiefs, but it would be a shock if he didn't at least put up serviceable numbers. 
Honorable Mentions: Marcus Mariota (Titans), Matthew Stafford (Lions), Cam Newton (Panthers)

LVP: Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
This is a classic example of when a solid real-life game didn't translate to a good fantasy performance. Wilson was the model of efficiency against the Falcons (270 YDS, 67.6 CMP%, 0 turnovers) but failed to reach the endzone against a defense that had allowed the most fantasy points to quarterbacks going into Week 6. Wilson will be a questionable start in Week 7 as he faces an Arizona Cardinals defense that has surrendered the 5th fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks so far this season. 
Dishonorable Mentions: Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Derek Carr (Raiders), Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)

Running Back
MVP: LeSean McCoy (Bills)
It may have been a year overdue, but LeSean McCoy finally got his revenge on Chip Kelly. McCoy  picked up 142 total YDS (140 rushing, 2 receiving) and 3 TD on 21 touches against the 49ers and undoubtedly haunted the dreams of his former head coach. The Bills have rode McCoy hard during their current 4-game winning streak and as long as that high volume of carries continues to net positive results, I expect him to maintain his status as one of the NFL's few true workhorse running backs.
Honorable Mentions: David Johnson (Cardinals), Lamar Miller (Texans), Terrance West (Ravens)

LVP: Isaiah Crowell (Browns)
After a surprisingly hot start, Isaiah Crowell has come crashing back down to earth in a big way. Crowell managed just 36 total yards (16 rushing, 20 receiving) on 11 touches against the Titans underrated run defense (they're currently ranked 7th in the league against the run) in Week 6. Despite his struggles in back-to-back weeks, the sheer volume of touches Crowell receives in Hue Jackson's run-first offense still makes him worth starting as an RB2 in most leagues.

Dishonorable Mentions: Carlos Hyde (49ers), Mark Ingram (Saints), Ryan Matthews (Eagles)

Wide Receiver 
MVP: Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants)
Now THIS is the Odell Beckham Jr. fantasy owners have come to know and love since he entered in the league in 2014. After a brutal first half which included a lost fumble, Beckham came out of halftime 150% dialed in and ended up gassing the Ravens secondary for 222 YDS (a new career-high) and 2 TD's on 8 receptions. Eli Manning's inconsistency and his diva-esque emotional outbursts are going to lead to the occasional dud, but OBJ is still one of the strongest WR1 options in all of fantasy football. 
Honorable Mentions: Brandin Cooks (Saints), Golden Tate (Lions), Julio Jones (Falcons)

LVP: Antonio Brown (Steelers)
There were a handful of other notable WR1/2's (Demaryius Thomas, Doug Baldwin, T.Y. Hilton, Jeremy Maclin, Allen Robinson) who struggled in Week 6, but none of them had as good of a matchup or carry the same level of prestige as Antonio Brown. Brown (4 REC/39 YDS 1 CAR/6 YDS) managed to get shut down by the much-maligned cornerback Byron Maxwell, who was just re-inserted into the starting lineup last week to replace the injured Xavien Howard after being benched for poor play earlier this season, in what what an absolutely disastrous outing for the Steelers offense in a shocking blowout loss against the lowly Dolphins. Back-to-back underwhelming performances is not out of the realm of possibility for Brown as the Steelers have the unfortunate task of facing the red hot Patriots with backup quarterback Landry Jones at the helm in Week 7.
Dishonorable Mentions: Demaryius Thomas (Broncos), Doug Baldwin (Seahawks), Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs)

Tight End
MVP: Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)
Rob Gronkowski has officially returned to his normal elite status. The Bengals defense had no answer for Gronkowski, as he mustered a career-high 162 YDS and 1 TD on 7 receptions in yet another Patriots blowout win at Gillette Stadium. There's no reason to believe that Gronkowski won't be similarly dominant in Week 7 as he faces a banged-up Steelers defense that is coming off of a game in which they allowed 81 yards to career backup MarQueis Gray.
Honorable Mentions: Coby Fleener (Saints), Hunter Henry (Chargers), Greg Olsen (Panthers)

LVP: Delanie Walker (Titans)
Marcus Mariota had his 2nd consecutive strong outing in Week 6 against the Browns, but star tight end Delanie Walker played almost no part in that success. Walker managed to only haul in a single reception for 21 yards.on just 2 targets (which somehow was still enough to be tied for 4th most on the team). Even with this poor outing, Walker is still by far the most potent threat in the Titans passing game and he has a very good chance to bounce back against the Colts horrid secondary in Week 7. 
Dishonorable Mentions: Travis Kelce (Chiefs), Jesse James (Steelers), Zach Ertz (Eagles)

MVP: Philadelphia Eagles
Despite surrendering 27 points and failing to register a sack against the Redskins on Sunday, a pair of TD's (a pick-6 and a kick return) allowed them to finish as the top fantasy defense for the 2nd time this season. Outside of the Vikings, Bills, Broncos, Seahawks and Cardinals, I don't believe there's a better fantasy option than the Eagles D right now. 
Honorable Mentions: Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens

LVP: Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers meltdown in Miami wasn't limited to the offensive side of the ball. Their normally productive defense looked like a bunch of shell-shocked Arena League players, as they allowed 30 points and managed zero takeways or sacks against a Dolphins offense that has become notorious for regularly turning the ball over and getting sacked over the past 5 years. The Steelers defense usually isn't this inept, but their lack of sacks (8, currently tied for 28th in the league) and inconsistent takeways (6, currently tied for 19th in the league) makes it hard to justify keeping them on your roster. 
Dishonorable Mentions: Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

()=last week's ranking
1. (1) Minnesota Vikings (5-0) Week 7 opponent: Philadelphia Eagles
2. (2) New England Patriots (5-1) Week 7 opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers
3. (3) Seattle Seahawks (4-1) Week 7 opponent: Arizona Cardinals
4. (9) Dallas Cowboys (5-1) Week 7 opponent: Bye Week
5. (4) Atlanta Falcons (4-2) Week 7 opponent: San Diego Chargers
6. (6) Denver Broncos (4-2) Week 7 opponent: Houston Texans
7. (11) Buffalo Bills (4-2) Week 7 opponent: Miami Dolphins
8. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) Week 7 opponent: New England Patriots
9. (13) Kansas City Chiefs (3-2) Week 7 opponent: New Orleans Saints
10. (7) Green Bay Packers (3-2) Week 7 opponent: Chicago Bears
11. (8) Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) Week 7 opponent: Minnesota Vikings
12. (15) Washington Redskins (4-2) Week 7 opponent: Detroit Lions
13. (10) Oakland Raiders (4-2) Week 7 opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars
14. (14) Arizona Cardinals (3-3) Week 7 opponent: Seattle Seahawks
15. (16) Houston Texans (4-2) Week 7 opponent: Denver Broncos
16. (12) Baltimore Ravens (3-3) Week 7 opponent: New York Jets
17. (20) Detroit Lions (3-3) Week 7 opponent: Washington Redskins
18. (21) New York Giants (3-3) Week 7 opponent: Los Angeles Rams
19. (17) Los Angeles Rams (3-3) Week 7 opponent: New York Giants
20. (22) Tennessee Titans (3-3) Week 7 opponent: Indianapolis Colts
21. (24) New Orleans Saints (2-3) Week 7 opponent: Kansas City Chiefs
22. (18) Cincinnati Bengals (2-4) Week 7 opponent: Cleveland Browns
23. (23) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4) Week 7 opponent: Oakland Raiders
24. (27) San Diego Chargers (2-4) Week 7 opponent: Atlanta Falcons
25. (25) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) Week 7 opponent: San Francisco 49ers
26. (19) Indianapolis Colts (2-4) Week 7 opponent: Tennessee Titans
27. (26) Carolina Panthers (1-5) Week 7 opponent: Bye Week
28. (30) Miami Dolphins (2-4) Week 7 opponent: Buffalo Bills
29. (29) Chicago Bears (1-5) Week 7 opponent: Green Bay Packers
30. (28) New York Jets (1-5) Week 7 opponent: Baltimore Ravens
31. (31) San Francisco 49ers (1-5) Week 7 opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
32. (32) Cleveland Browns (0-6) Week 7 opponent: Cincinnati Bengals