Friday, June 24, 2016

2015 in Music: Revisited

In my eyes, Music is the artform that grows or fades on you the most over time. Re-visiting a song or an album can allow you to appreciate things didn't notice on past listen, grow sour on things you previously enjoyed, etc. Because of this phenomenon, I've made a tradition of revisiting the previous year's music at the halfway point of the following year to see how these albums have held up after deeper listens and further reflection. Even in just six months, there's been a lot of movement on my list of favorite albums of 2015. Below you'll find my modified list of 2015 albums ranked from worst to best and write-ups of the albums I've listened to since I posted my "2015 in Music: Year in Review" piece in early January. 

()=Ranking on my year-end recap
(new)=An album that I listened after posting my year-end recap
8.(8)Lil B x Chance the Rapper-Based Freestyle Mixtape (2.5/5)
7.(new)Slaughter to Prevail-Chapters of Misery (3/5)
Russia's Slaughter to Prevail sound like they've come out of a time machine. Their straightforward, breakdown-heavy brand of deathcore is a throwback to the days where B-grade bands like As Blood Runs Black, Molotov Solution and I Declare War were still making waves in the extreme metal scene. Chapters of Misery holds some value because of how competent the musicianship is all-around and the inevitable nostalgia that comes with releasing a pure deathcore album in late 2015, but it's far too generic and predictable to be anything more than a relatively enjoyable yet completely disposable listen.    
6.(6)Incubus-Trust Fall (Side A) (3/5)
5.(5)Rotting Out-Reckoning (3.5/5)
4.(4)Riff Raff-Trench Coat Towers (3.5/5)
3.(3)Entheos-Primal (3.5/5)
2.(2)Freddie Gibbs-Pronto (4/5)
1.(1)FKA twigs-M3LLI55X (4/5)

130.(122)Beach House-Depression Cherry (0/5)
129.(121)Title Fight-Hyperview (1.5/5)
128.(120)mewithoutyou-Pale Horses (1.5/5)
127.(119)Jay Rock-90059 (2/5)
126.(118)Faith No More-Sol Invictus (2/5)
125.(117)Meek Mill-Dreams Worth More Than Money
124.(116)The Sword-High Country
123.(115)Fetty Wap-Fetty Wap (2/5)
122.(new)Turnover-Peripheral Vision (2/5)
While indie rock has always been a polarizing genre for me, it seems like it's getting more and more stagnant by the day. Turnover's Peripheral Vision does nothing to stop this disheartening trend. The melodies are occasionally nice and vocalist Austin Getz has a pleasant enough voice, but for the most part Peripheral Vision is a repetitive, emotionless bore. 
121.(114)Coheed and Cambria-The Color Before the Sun (2/5)
120.(113)Tyler, the Creator-Cherry Bomb (2/5)
119.(112)Knuckle Puck-Copacetic (2.5/5)
118.(111)Native Construct-Quiet World (2.5/5)
117.(110)Defeater-Abandoned (2.5/5)
116.(106)Juicy J-100% Juice (2.5/5)
115.(107)Jamie xx-In Colour (2.5/5)
114.(108)Big Sean-Dark Sky Paradise (2.5/5)
113.(105)Enter Shakiri-The Mindsweep (2.5/5)
112.(104)Muse-Drones (2.5/5)
111.(103)Being as an Ocean-Being as an Ocean (2.5/5)
110.(102)Tame Impala-Currents (2.5/5)
109.(new)Sirens & Sailors-Rising Moon: Setting Sun (2.5/5)
This is a Sirens & Sailors album alright. The New York-based group take their hybrid of metalcore and djent to previously inconceivable levels of mediocrity on their third LP, Rising Moon: Setting Sun. This record couldn't even hold my attention for its very short 32-minute runtime and it completely exited my brain less than hour after I had finished listening to it. Unless they completely revamp their sound or actually put some diversity and interesting ideas into their compositions, I wouldn't even entertain the possibility of listening to this album or band ever again. 
108.(99)All That Remains-The Order of Things (2.5/5)
107.(100)Turnstile-Nonstop Feeling (2.5/5)
106.(109)Justin Bieber-Purpose (2.5/5)
105.(98)Freddie Gibbs-Shadow of a Doubt (2.5/5)
104.(96)Earl Sweatshirt-I Don't Do Shit, I Don't Go Outside (2.5/5)
103.(97)Parkway Drive-Ire (2.5/5)
102.(94)Between the Buried and Me-Coma Ecliptic (2.5/5)
101.(91)Terror-The 25th Hour (2.5/5)
100.(101)Selena Gomez-Revival (2.5/5)
99.(95)Miguel-Wildheart (2.5/5)
98.(new)Halsey-Badlands (2.5/5)
Badlands is the most frustrating pop record I've heard in ages. At its best, it's a beautiful and haunting slice of downbeat synthpop bliss. At its worst, it's a dull and pretentious pile of trash from an artist that's not nearly as deep or edgy as she think she is. Halsey's use of atmosphere and unique vocals give me hope that her future projects will be worthwhile, she just needs to shake her cringe-worthy lyrics and issues with consistency before she can live up to her immense potential.  
97.(93)Drake & Future-What a Time to Be Alive (2.5/5)
96.(90)It Prevails-Perdition (3/5)
95.(92)Stick to Your Guns-Disobedient (3/5)
94.(89)Vola-Inmazes (3/5)
93.(88)Future-DS2 (3/5)
92.(87)Father John Misty-I Love You, Honeybear (3/5)
91.(83)Juicy J-O's to Oscars (3/5)
90.(86)Gucci Mane-King Gucci (3/5)
89.(85)Marina and the Diamonds-Froot (3/5)
88.(84)Marilyn Manson-The Pale Emperor (3/5)
87.(80)Drake-If You're Reading This, It's Too Late (3/5)
86.(81)Fall Out Boy-American Beauty/American Psycho (3/5)
85.(79)Migos-Yung Rich Nation (3/5)
84.(70)Dark Sermon-The Oracle (3/5)
83.(78)Baroness-Purple (3/5)
82.(77)Logic-The Incredible True Story (3/5)
81.(82)Carley Rae Jepsen-E.MO.TION (3/5)
80.(60)Future-56 Nights (3/5)
79.(76)Slayer-Repentless (3/5)
78.(75)Veil of Maya-Matriarch (3/5)
77.(73)Ingested-The Architect of Extinction (3.5/5)
76.(72)Four Year Strong-Four Year Strong (3.5/5)
75.(71)Miss May I-Deathless (3.5/5)
74.(69)CZARFACE-Every Hero Needs a Villain (3.5/5)
73.(68)Napalm Death-Apex Predator: Easy Meat (3.5/5)
72.(67)Devil You Know-They Bleed Red (3.5/5)
71.(66)Nile-What Should Not Be Unearthed (3.5/5)
70.(65)I the Mighty-Connector (3.5/5)
69.(47)Big K.R.I.T.-It's Better This Way (3.5/5)
68.(new)Florence + the Machine-How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (3.5/5)
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is the first time I've been exposed to Florence + the Machine's music at length and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. The variety of the instrumentation is nice and the range and power of Florence Welch's vocals is thoroughly impressive. The drop off in quality from the first to the second half is pretty substantial and the vocals are sometimes way too over-the-top for the subtle arrangements the band specializes in, but it's still a well-constructed art pop album with a number of standout tracks.
67.(64)Crossfaith-Xeno (3.5/5)
66.(46)The Wonder Years-No Closer to Heaven (3.5/5)
65.(63)Demi Lovato-Confident (3.5/5)
64.(62)Blacklisted-When People Grow, People Go (3.5/5)
63.(61)Rae Sremmurd-SremmLife (3.5/5)
62.(59)Stray From the Path-Subliminal Criminals (3.5/5)
61.(new)Horrendous-Anareta (3.5/5)
Anareta epitomizes how detrimental underwhelming vocals can be to the quality of an album. The excellent instrumentation that effortlessly blends traditional, melodic and progressive death metal puts a rock-solid backbone in place only to be failed by the below-average vocals of Damian Herring, who frequently sounds like a bad Chuck Schuldnier impersonator. Anareta is still worth a listen for fans of old-school and modern death metal, it's just nowhere near as good as it could've been.  
60.(58)Hundredth-Free (3.5/5)
59.(new)Chon-Grow (3.5/5)
Chon has been one of the most buzzed-about instrumental bands in modern music and listening to Grow, it's easy to see why. The musicianship is extraordinary, their songs are short and catchy and they're mellow enough to make for a nice, relaxing listening experience. Grow is a must-listen for fans of Animals as Leaders, Explosions in the Sky and 65daysofstatic.
58.(55)Haste the Day-Coward (3.5/5)
57.(57)State Champs-Around the World and Back (3.5/5)
56.(54)Migos-Back to the Bando (3.5/5)
55.(74)Travi$ Scott-Rodeo (3.5/5)
54.(56)Joey Bada$$-B4.Da.$$ (3.5/5)
53.(53)Children of Bodom-I Worship Chaos (3.5/5)
52.(52)Palm Reader-Besides the Ones We Love (3.5/5)
51.(51)Julia Holter-Have You in My Wilderness (3.5/5)
50.(50)Northlane-Node (3.5/5)
49.(49)Steven Wilson-Hand.Cannot.Erase. (3.5/5)
48.(48)Sleater-Kinney-No Cities to Love (3.5/5)
47.(45)Strawberry Girls-American Graffiti (3.5/5)
46.(43)Elder-Lore (3.5/5)
45.(42)TesseracT-Polaris (3.5/5)
44.(27)Born of Osiris-Soul Sphere (3.5/5)
43.(41)Feed Her to the Sharks-Fortitude (3.5/5)
42.(39)Neck Deep-Life's Not Out to Get You (3.5/5)
41.(new)Michael Christmas-What a Weird Day (3.5/5)
My hometown of Boston isn't known for its hip-hop scene, so when somebody out of the city makes any sort of waves on the national level, I'm going to pay close attention. Michael Christmas is a quirky, self-deprecating rapper that is a more than worthy national ambassador for the Boston hip-hop scene. His first full-length What a Weird Day shows flashes of true brilliance and lays down a solid blueprint for future success. Everything from his lyrics to the production is greatly improved from his 2014 debut mixtape Is This Art? and the quality is pretty consistent throughout, despite having an imposing 18-track, 61-minute runtime. Christmas is exactly the unique and unapologetically goofy voice we need more of in the overly serious modern hip-hop climate.
40.(38)Black Fast-Terms of Surrender (3.5/5)
39.(40)Make Them Suffer-Old Souls (3.5/5)
37.(37)Juicy J-Blue Dream & Lean 2 (3.5/5)
36.(36)Royal Thunder-Crooked Doors (3.5/5)
35.(35)High on Fire-Luminiferous (3.5/5)
34.(31)Abiotic-Casuistry (3.5/5)
33.(34)Pusha T-King Push-Prelude: Darkest Before Dawn (3.5/5)
32.(33)Thy Art is Murder-Holy War (3.5/5)
31.(32)Scale the Summit-V (3.5/5)
30.(28)Death Grips-The Powers That B: Disc 2: Jenny Death (3.5/5)
29.(30)Purity Ring-Another Eternity (3.5/5)
28.(29)A$AP Rocky-At.Long.Last.A$AP (3.5/5)
27.(26)Cattle Decapitation-The Anthropocence Extinction (4/5)
26.(25)Lamb of God-VII: Sturm und Drang (4/5)
25.(44)Waka Flocka Flame-Flockaveli 1.5 (4/5)
24.(24)Cult Leader-Lightless Walk (4/5)
23.(23)Clutch-Psychic Warfare (4/5)
22.(22)Sylosis-Dormant Heart (4/5)
21.(21)Alustrium-A Tunnel to Eden (4/5)
20.(20)Counterparts-Tragedy Will Find Us (4/5)
19.(18)Intervals-The Shape of Colour (4/5)
18.(17)The Story So Far-The Story So Far (4/5)
17.(15)Soilwork-The Ride Majestic (4/5)
16.(16)While She Sleeps-Brainwashed (4/5)
15.(14)Mac Miller-GO: OD AM (4/5)
14.(13) iwrestledabearonce-Hail Mary (4/5)
13.(12)Action Bronson-Mr. Wonderful (4/5)
12.(11)Vince Staples-Summertime '06 (4/5)
11.(10)Rivers of Nihil-Monarchy (4/5)
10.(9)Lana Del Rey-Honeymoon (4/5)
9.(8)Dance Gavin Dance-Instant Gratification (4/5)
8.(7)Mutoid Man-Bleeder (4/5)
7.(5)Periphery-Juggernaut (Alpha + Omega)(4/5)
6.(19)The Weeknd-Beauty Behind the Madness (4/5)
5.(4)Kendrick Lamar-To Pimp a Butterfly (4/5)
4.(2)Battlecross-Rise to Power (4.5/5)
3.(6)Intronaut-The Direction of Last Things (4.5/5)
2.(3)The Black Dahlia Murder-Abysmal (4.5/5)
1.(1)August Burns Red-Found in Far Away Places (4.5/5)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Movie Review: Central Intelligence

How did it take Hollywood this long to cast Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in a movie together? They've been two of the film industry's most charismatic actors and reliable scene-stealers for the past four or five years and have each demonstrated a knack for generating laughs, regardless of the quality of the material they're handed. Unsurprisingly, the two make a terrific on-screen pairing and their remarkable chemistry and comedic prowess makes Central Intelligence one of the most satisfying buddy movies to hit theaters in recent memory.  

The relatively generic spy plot basically just serves as an excuse to get Hart and Johnson into a series of ridiculous situations and run wild, which is completely fine because watching these two interact is absurdly fun and amusing. The script from Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen and Rawson Marshall Thurber (who also directed) is full of sharp one-liners and visual gags that keep the laughs coming and strongly utilizes the strong, natural rapport between Hart and Johnson. It was wise for the writers to put the story on the backburner and have the quality of the film largely hinge on the likability and talent of its two leads.

Best of all, Johnson and Hart are able to deliver top-notch performances while breaking free of the roles they've typically typecast in. Johnson's Bob Stone is a lovable goofball while Hart's Calvin Joyner is unassuming and even-keeled. There are bursts of their defining traits (Hart's live-wire energy and Johnson's deadpan delivery) sprinkled throughout, but for the most part these two spend the duration of this film proving that they don't need stick to their established niches to be funny. Central Intelligence is a top-notch, crowd-pleasing action comedy that serves as a perfect showcase for two of the brightest stars in Hollywood today.

4/5 Stars

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Best and Worst of Matthew McConaughey

The "Best and Worst" series profiles the best and worst work of an actor starring in one of the week's new theatrical releases. This week I take a look at the filmography of "Free State of Jones" star Matthew McConaughey.

Films starring Matthew McConaughey that I've seen:
Dazed and Confused
Angels in the Outfield 
Larger than Life
Reign of Fire
Fool's Gold
Tropic Thunder
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Paperboy
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Performance: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
This performance marked the moment were I became completely sold on the McConaissance. In less than 15 minutes on screen, McConaughey manages to steal the entire movie from a cast that was almost exclusively made up of elite actors. McConaughey is hilarious and relentlessly sleazy as the stockbroker that introduces Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) to the sex, drugs and corruption-filled culture of Wall Street. As good as The Wolf of Wall Street was, I wished the film focused on McConaughey's character instead of Belfort.

Worst Performance: Fool's Gold (2008)
The 2000's was a dark time for McConaughey's career as he spent almost the entire decade starring in romantic comedies that were profitable, but almost universally panned by critics and audiences alike. If Fool's Gold-the only film from the aforementioned period that I've seen-is any indicator, I completely understand why McConaughey was viewed as one of Hollywood's biggest laughing stocks at that point in time. The humor is far too straight-laced to make use of his gift for perfectly performing insane, over-the-top comedy and not even an ounce of the charm or likability he showcased in films like Dazed and Confused and Reign of Fire is on display here. Hopefully McConaughey can continue his recent hot streak and not have to resort to making movies in this vein again.

Best Film: Tropic Thunder (2008) 
Tropic Thunder keeps popping up when I do these pieces and for good reason-it's an extremely funny and pretty underrated movie. Tropic Thunder features everything I look for in a satire. The script beautifully skewers Hollywood privilege and gritty war movies, the ensemble cast straight-up slays their respective roles and most importantly for a comedy, the laughs hold up on repeat viewings. 

Worst Film: Fool's Gold (2008)
How I end up seeing Fool's Gold can only be explained by a brief, dull anecdote. A few years ago, my Easter dinner was late going into the oven, so my aunt's boyfriend decided to put this movie onto pass the time. For whatever reason, I sat through the whole thing and proceeded to spend the rest of the day hating myself because of it. This was easily one of the most unfunny and insufferable romantic comedies I've ever seen. Not even a scantily-clad Kate Hudson and beautiful Caribbean setting (although most of the film was filmed in Australia) could make this shitfest tolerable. Watching full-scale cinematic disasters like this makes McConaughey's seamless transition into more serious material that much more impressive. 

Thank you for reading this week's installment of "The Best and Worst of". Next week, I'll take a look at the best and worst work of "The Legend of Tarzan" star Christoph Waltz.    

Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 NFL Position Rankings: Recap

The time has come for me to post the obligatory recap for my 2016 NFL Position Ranking series. 
For those who haven't read this series before or need a refresher course, here's the criteria for these lists:
1.Rookies are excluded from these rankings
2.Each player is judged on where they currently stand in my opinion, not the player they once were, are going to be, etc.
3.Each player is listed as member of the team they will play for in 2016, not who they played for in 2015.
*Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't officially signed with the Jets yet, but I'm still assuming that he will before the start of the regular season 
25.Teddy Bridgewater (Vikings)
24.Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets*)
23.Tyrod Taylor (Bills)
22.Jameis Winston (Buccaneers)
21.Kirk Cousins (Redskins)
20.Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)
19.Alex Smith (Chiefs)
18.Blake Bortles (Jaguars)
17.Matthew Stafford (Lions)
16.Derek Carr (Raiders)
15.Jay Cutler (Bears)
14.Joe Flacco (Ravens)
13.Andy Dalton (Bengals)
12.Matt Ryan (Falcons)
11.Tony Romo (Cowboys)
10.Eli Manning (Giants)
9.Carson Palmer (Cardinals)
8.Phillip Rivers (Chargers)
7.Andrew Luck (Colts)
6.Cam Newton (Panthers)
5.Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
4.Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)
3.Drew Brees (Saints)
2.Tom Brady (Patriots)
1.Aaron Rodgers (Packers)
Running Back:
50.Roy Helu Jr. (Raiders)
49.Theo Riddick (Lions)
48.Isiah Crowell (Browns)
47.Matt Jones (Redskins)
46.Duke Johnson (Browns)
45.Ronnie Hillman (Broncos)
44.Shane Vereen (Giants)
43.LeGarette Blount (Patriots)
42.Karlos Williams (Bills)
41.Dion Lewis (Patriots)
40.James Starks (Packers)
39.Arian Foster (Free Agent)
38.Bilal Powell (Jets)
37.Charles Sims (Buccaneers)
36.Chris Johnson (Cardinals)
35.Tim Hightower (Saints)
34.Darren McFadden (Cowboys)
33.Darren Sproles (Eagles) 
32.Jeremy Langford (Bears)
31.Rashad Jennings (Giants)
30.Spencer Ware (Chiefs)
29.Alfred Morris (Cowboys)
28.Charcandrick West (Chiefs)
27.Carlos Hyde (49ers)
26.T.J. Yeldon (Jaguars)
25.Thomas Rawls (Seahawks)
24.Danny Woodhead (Chargers)
23.Ryan Matthews (Eagles)
22.Frank Gore (Colts)
21.Giovani Bernard (Bengals)
20.Latavius Murray (Raiders) 
19.DeMarco Murray (Titans)
18.Chris Ivory (Jaguars) 
17.C.J. Anderson (Broncos)
16.DeAngelo Williams (Steelers)
15.Justin Forsett (Ravens)
14.Jonathan Stewart (Panthers)
13.David Johnson (Cardinals)
12.Lamar Miller (Texans) 
11.Jeremy Hill (Bengals)
10.Mark Ingram (Saints) 
9.Eddie Lacy (Packers)
8.Matt Forte (Jets)
7.Devonta Freeman (Falcons)
6.Todd Gurley (Rams)
5.Doug Martin (Buccaneers)
4.Jammal Charles (Chiefs)
3.LeSean McCoy (Bills)
2.Le'Veon Bell (Steelers)
1.Adrian Peterson (Vikings) 
Wide Receiver:
50.Kenny Stills (Dolphins)
49.Willie Snead (Saints)
48.Kendall Wright (Titans)
47.Mike Wallace (Ravens)
46.Markus Wheaton (Steelers)
45.Jermaine Kearse (Seahawks)
44.Rishard Matthews (Titans)
43.Danny Amendola (Patriots)
42.Anquan Boldin (Free Agent)
41.Pierre Garcon (Redskins)
40.Kamar Aiken (Ravens)
39.Tyler Lockett (Seahawks)
38.Donte Moncrief (Colts)
37.Torrey Smith (49ers)
36.Travis Benjamin (Chargers)
35.Michael Crabtree (Raiders)
34.Marvin Jones (Lions)
33.Amari Cooper (Raiders)
32.Brandin Cooks (Saints)
31.Kelvin Benjamin (Panthers)
30.Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers)
29.Michael Floyd (Cardinals)
28.John Brown (Cardinals)
27.Doug Baldwin (Seahawks)
26.Steve Smith (Ravens)
25.DeSean Jackson (Redskins)
24.Allen Hurns (Jaguars)
23.Julian Edelman (Patriots)
22.Eric Decker (Jets)
21.Mike Evans (Buccaneers)
20.Golden Tate (Lions)
19.Randall Cobb (Packers)
18.Jarvis Landry (Dolphins)
17.Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos)
16.Sammy Watkins (Bills)
15.Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs)
14.Allen Robinson (Jaguars)
13.T.Y. Hilton (Colts)
12.Keenan Allen (Chargers)
11.Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)
10.Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
9.Jordy Nelson (Packers)
8.Alshon Jeffrey (Bears)
7.Brandon Marshall (Jets)
6.A.J. Green (Bengals)
5.Dez Bryant (Cowboys)
4.DeAndre Hopkins (Texans)
3.Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants)
2.Julio Jones (Falcons)
1.Antonio Brown (Steelers) 
Tight End:
20.Coby Fleener (Saints)
19.Jordan Cameron (Dolphins) 
18.Dwayne Allen (Colts)
17.Benjamin Watson (Ravens)
16.Kyle Rudolph (Vikings) 
15.Ladarius Green (Steelers)
14.Martellus Bennett (Patriots) 
13.Charles Clay (Bills)
12.Jason Witten (Cowboys)
11.Zach Ertz (Eagles)
10.Julius Thomas (Jaguars)
9.Gary Barnidge (Browns)
8.Antonio Gates (Chargers)
7.Tyler Eifert (Bengals)
6.Jordan Reed (Redskins)
5.Travis Kelce (Chiefs)
4.Delanie Walker (Titans)
3.Jimmy Graham (Seahawks)
2.Greg Olsen (Panthers)
1.Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) 
30.Ryan Clady (Jets)
29.Russell Okung (Broncos)
28.King Dunlap (Chargers)
27.Morgan Moses (Redskins)
26.Derek Newton (Texans)
25.Lane Johnson (Eagles)
24.Sebastian Vollmer (Patriots)
23.Demar Dotson (Buccaneers)
22.Bryan Bulaga (Packers)
21.Marcus Gilbert (Steelers)
20.Joe Barksdale (Chargers)
19.Austin Howard (Raiders)
18.Taylor Lewan (Titans)
17.Jake Matthews (Falcons)
16.Kelvin Beachum (Jaguars)
15.Ryan Schrader (Falcons)
14.Branden Albert (Dolphins)
13.Duane Brown (Texans)
12.Mitchell Schwartz (Chiefs)
11.Donald Penn (Raiders)
10.Anthony Castonzo (Colts) 
9.Jared Veldheer (Cardinals)
8.Jason Peters (Eagles) 
7.Cordy Glenn (Bills)
6.Terron Armstead (Saints)
5.Joe Staley (49ers)
4.Trent Williams (Redskins)
3.Andrew Whitworth (Bengals)
2.Tyron Smith (Cowboys)
1.Joe Thomas (Browns)
30.Andy Levitre (Falcons)
29.Jeff Allen (Texans)
28.Brandon Linder (Jaguars)
27.Brandon Schreff (Redskins)
26.Louis Vazquez (Broncos)
25.John Greco (Browns)
24.James Carpenter (Jets)
23.Orlando Franklin (Chargers)
22.Alex Boone (Vikings)
21.Jack Mewhort (Colts)
20.Justin Pugh (Giants) 
19.Clint Boling (Bengals)
18.Andrew Norwell (Panthers) 
17.Ramon Foster (Steelers)
16.Brandon Brooks (Eagles)
15.Joel Bitonio (Browns)
14.Matt Slauson (Chargers)
13.Gabe Jackson (Raiders)
12.T.J. Lang (Packers)
11.Trai Turner (Panthers)
10.Richie Incognito (Bills)
9.Kevin Zeitler (Bengals)
8.Kyle Long (Bears)
7.David DeCastro (Steelers)
6.Kelechi Osemele (Raiders)
5.Mike Iupati (Cardinals)
4.Zach Martin (Cowboys)
3.Evan Mathis (Cardinals)
2.Josh Sitton (Packers)
1.Marshal Yanda (Ravens)
20.Hroniss Grasu (Bears)
19.Russell Bodine (Bengals)
18.Corey Linsley (Packers)
17.Ben Jones (Titans)
16.Mitch Morse (Chiefs)
15.Jeremy Zuttah (Ravens) 
14.Stefen Wisniewski (Eagles)
13.John Sullivan (Vikings)
12.Jason Kelce (Eagles)
11.Joe Berger (Vikings)
10.Mike Pouncey (Dolphins)
9.Nick Mangold (Jets)
8.Weston Richburg (Giants)
7.Eric Wood (Bills)
6.Max Unger (Saints)
5.Alex Mack (Falcons)
4.Rodney Hudson (Raiders)
3.Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers)
2.Ryan Kalil (Panthers)
1.Travis Fredrick (Cowboys)
Defensive End:
30.Chris Baker (Redskins)
29.Mario Williams (Dolphins)
28.Robert Ayers (Buccaneers)
27.Derrick Shelby (Falcons)
26.Leonard Williams (Jets)
25.William Hayes (Rams)
24.Derek Wolfe (Broncos)
23.Carlos Dunlap (Bengals)
22.Vinny Curry (Eagles)
21.Cliff Avril (Seahawks)
20.Everson Griffen (Vikings)
19.Jabbal Sheard (Patriots)
18.Robert Quinn (Rams)
17.Jason Pierre-Paul (Giants)
16.Chandler Jones (Cardinals)
15.Jerry Hughes (Bills)
14.Malik Jackson (Jaguars)
13.Sheldon Richardson (Jets)
12.Cameron Wake (Dolphins)
11.Oliver Vernon (Giants)
10.Cameron Heyward (Steelers)
9.Ezekiel Ansah (Lions)
8.Calias Campbell (Cardinals)
7.Jurrell Casey (Titans)
6.Mike Daniels (Packers)
5.Muhammad Wilkerson (Jets)
4.Michael Bennett (Seahawks)
3.Cameron Jordan (Saints)
2.Fletcher Cox (Eagles)
1.J.J. Watt (Texans) 
Defensive Tackle:
30.Vince Wilfork (Texans)
29.Ahtyba Rubin (Seahawks)
28.Sharrif Floyd (Vikings)
27.Roy Miller (Jaguars)
26.Eddie Goldman (Bears)
25.Cedric Thornton (Cowboys)
24.Jordan Hill (Seahawks)
23.Star Lotulelei (Panthers)
22.Nick Fairley (Saints)
21.Kyle Williams (Bills)
20.Brandon Mebane (Chargers)
19.Bennie Logan (Eagles)
18.Haloti Ngata (Lions)
17.Jaye Howard (Chiefs)
16.Jonathan Hankins (Giants)
15.Michael Brockers (Rams)
14.Terrence Knighton (Patriots)
13.Sen'Derrick Marks (Jaguars)
12.Dontari Poe (Chiefs)
11.Ian Williams (49ers)
10.Brandon Williams (Ravens)
9.Dan Williams (Raiders)
8.Damon Harrison (Giants)
7.Linval Joseph (Vikings)
6.Kawann Short (Panthers)
5.Marcell Dareus (Bills)
4.Geno Atkins (Bengals)
3.Gerald McCoy (Buccaneers)
2.Aaron Donald (Rams)
1.Ndamukong Suh (Dolphins)
Outside Linebacker:
50.Markus Golden (Cardinals)
49.Brooks Reed (Falcons)
48.Courtney Upshaw (Falcons)
47.Erik Walden (Colts)
45.Ahmad Brooks (49ers)
45.Trent Cole (Colts)
44.Trent Murphy (Redskins)
43.Manny Lawson (Bills)
42.Jelani Jenkins (Dolphins)
41.Shaq Barrett (Broncos) 
40.Anthony Hitchens (Cowboys)
39.Nigel Bradham (Eagles)
38.Jadeveon Clowney (Texans)
37.Aaron Lynch (49ers)
36.Robert Mathis (Colts)
35.Preston Smith (Redskins) 
34.Willie Young (Bears)
33.Akeem Ayers (Rams)
32.Jeremiah Attaochu (Chargers)
31.Lamarr Houston (Bears)
30.Derrick Morgan (Titans)
29.Vontaze Burfict (Bengals)
28.Vincent Rey (Bengals) 
27.Telvin Smith (Jaguars)
26.Junior Gallette (Redskins)
25.Julius Peppers (Packers)
24.Connor Barwin (Eagles)
23.Elvis Dumervil (Ravens)
22.Bruce Irvin (Raiders) 
21.Melvin Ingram (Chargers)
20.Brandon Graham (Eagles) 
19.Whitney Mercilus (Texans)
18.Brian Orakpo (Titans)
17.Terrell Suggs (Ravens)
16.DeMarcus Ware (Broncos)
15.Aldon Smith (Raiders)
14.Anthony Barr (Vikings)
13.Ryan Kerrigan (Redskins)
12.K.J. Wright (Seahawks)
11.Dont'a Hightower (Patriots)
10.Pernell McPhee (Bears)
9.DeAndre Levy (Lions) 
8.Lavonte David (Buccaneers)
7.Clay Matthews (Packers)
6.Thomas Davis (Panthers)
5.Tamba Hali (Chiefs)
4.Jamie Collins (Patriots)
3.Khalil Mack (Raiders)
2.Justin Houston (Chiefs)
1.Von Miller (Broncos) 
Inside Linebacker:
25.Denzel Perryman (Chargers)
24.Avery Williamson (Titans)
23.Koa Misi (Dolphins)
22.Paul Worrilow (Falcons)
21.Ryan Shazier (Steelers) 
20.Rolando McClain (Cowboys)
19.Alec Ogletree (Rams)
18.D'Qwell Jackson (Colts)
17.Kiko Alonso (Dolphins)
16.David Harris (Jets)
15.Karlos Dansby (Bengals)
14.Jordan Hicks (Eagles)
13.Daryl Smith (Buccaneers)
12.Brian Cushing (Texans)
11.Mychal Kendricks (Eagles)
10.C.J. Mosley (Ravens)
9.Lawrence Timmons (Steelers) 
8.Danny Trevathan (Bears)
7.Sean Lee (Cowboys)
6.Jerrell Freeman (Bears)
5.NaVorro Bowman (49ers)
4.Brandon Marshall (Broncos)
3.Derrick Johnson (Chiefs)
2.Bobby Wagner (Seahawks)
1.Luke Kuechly (Panthers)
50.Bene Benwikerie (Panthers)
49.Jeremy Lane (Seahawks)
48.Tramon Williams (Browns) 
47.Robert Alford (Falcons)
46.William Gay (Steelers)
45.Kevin Johnson (Texans)
44.K'uwan Williams (Browns)
43.E.J. Gaines (Rams)
42.Terrence Newman (Vikings)
41.Shareece Wright (Ravens)
40.Davon House (Jaguars)
39.Patrick Robinson (Colts)
38.Bradley Roby (Broncos) 
37.David Amerson (Raiders)
36.Russ Cockrell (Steelers)
35.Tramaine Brock (49ers) 
34.Kyle Fuller (Bears)
33.Xavier Rhodes (Vikings)
32.Kareem Jackson (Texans)
31.Delvin Breaux (Saints)
30.Malcolm Butler (Patriots)
29.Prince Amukamara (Jaguars)
28.Logan Ryan (Patriots)
27.Orlando Scandrick (Cowboys)
26.Joe Haden (Browns)
25.Sam Shields (Packers)
24.Marcus Peters (Chiefs)
23.Casey Hayward (Chargers)
22.Janoris Jenkins (Giants)
21.Jimmy Smith (Ravens) 
20.Ronald Darby (Bills)
19.Aqib Talib (Broncos)
18.Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Giants)
17.Captain Munnerlyn (Vikings)
16.Trumaine Johnson (Rams)
15.Bashaud Breeland (Redskins)
14.Sean Smith (Raiders)
13.Brent Grimes (Buccaneers)
12.Adam Jones (Bengals)
11.Jason Verrett (Chargers)
10.Darius Slay (Lions)
9.Desmond Trufant (Falcons)
8.Stephon Gilmore (Bills)
7.Jonathan Joseph (Texans)
6.Vontae Davis (Colts)
5.Darrelle Revis (Jets)
4.Josh Norman (Redskins)
3.Chris Harris Jr. (Broncos)
2.Patrick Peterson (Cardinals)
1.Richard Sherman (Seahawks)
40.Quentin Demps (Texans)
39.Dwight Lowery (Chargers)
38.Byron Jones (Cowboys)
37.Duron Harmon (Patriots)
36.Roman Harper (Saints)
35.Isa Abdul-Quddus (Dolphins)
34.Rashad Johnson (Titans)
33.Kendrick Lewis (Ravens)
32.Corey Graham (Bills)
31.Tony Jefferson (Cardinals)
30.Chris Conte (Buccaneers)
29.Aaron Williams (Bills) 
28.HaHa Clinton-Dix (Packers)
27.Mike Adams (Colts)
26.Tashuan Gibson (Jaguars)
25.Adrian Amos (Bears) 
24.Mike Mitchell (Steelers)
23.Kenny Vaccaro (Saints) 
22.Marcus Gilchrist (Jets)
21.Glover Quin (Lions)
20.Kurt Coleman (Panthers)
19.Patrick Chung (Patriots)
18.Eric Reid (49ers)
17.Da'Norris Searcy (Titans)
16.Darian Stewart (Broncos)
15.Jarius Byrd (Saints)
14.George Iloka (Bengals)
13.Rodney McLeod (Eagles)
12.Morgan Burnett (Packers)
11.Reggie Nelson (Raiders)
10.T.J. Ward (Broncos)
9.Malcolm Jenkins (Eagles)
8.Devin McCourty (Patriots)
7.Eric Weddle (Ravens)
6.Reshad Jones (Dolphins)
5.Kam Chancellor (Seahawks)
4.Tyrann Mathieu (Cardinals)
3.Harrison Smith (Vikings)
2.Eric Berry (Chiefs)
1.Earl Thomas (Seahawks)
20.Matt Prater (Lions)
19.Phil Dawson (49ers)
18.Robbie Gould (Bears)
17.Matt Bryant (Falcons)
16.Greg Zuerlein (Rams)
15.Chris Boswell (Steelers)
14.Dan Carpenter (Bills)
13.Chandler Catanzaro (Cardinals)
12.Blair Walsh (Vikings)
11.Nick Folk (Jets)
10.Cairo Santos (Chiefs)
9.Brandon McManus (Broncos)
8.Graham Gano (Panthers)
7.Josh Brown (Giants)
6.Adam Vinatieri (Colts)
5.Mason Crosby (Packers)
4.Steven Hasuchka (Seahawks)
3.Dan Bailey (Cowboys)
2.Justin Tucker (Ravens)
1.Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) 
20.Brad Nortman (Jaguars)
19.Chris Jones (Cowboys)
18.Dustin Colquitt (Chiefs)
17.Jon Ryan (Seahawks)
16.Kevin Huber (Bengals) 
15.Ryan Allen (Patriots)
14.Thomas Morstead (Saints)
13.Tress Way (Redskins)
12.Bryan Anger (Buccaneers)
11.Sam Martin (Lions)
10.Colton Schmidt (Bills)
9.Andy Lee (Browns)
8.Matt Darr (Dolphins) 
7.Donnie Jones (Eagles)
6.Brett Kern (Titans)
5.Matt Bosher (Falcons)
4.Shane Lechler (Texans)
3.Sam Koch (Ravens) 
2.Johnny Hekker (Rams)
1.Pat McAfee (Colts) 
Team-by team breakdown of players to appear in top 10 for their respective position group (most-to-least):
Arizona Cardinals-8 (Calias Campbell, Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Iupati, Tyrann Mathieu, Evan Mathis, Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson, Jared Veldheer)
Buffalo Bills-7 (Marcell Dareus, Cordy Glenn, Stephon Gilmore, Richie Incognito, LeSean McCoy, Colton Schmidt, Eric Wood) 
Carolina Panthers-7 (Thomas Davis, Graham Gano, Ryan Kalil, Luke Kuechly, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Kawann Short)
Green Bay Packers-7 (Mason Crosby, Mike Daniels, Eddie Lacy, Clay Matthews, Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Sitton)
Kansas City Chiefs-7 (Eric Berry, Jammal Charles, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson, Travis Kelce, Cairo Santos) 
Pittsburgh Steelers-7 (Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, David DeCastro, Cameron Heyward, Maurkice Pouncey, Ben Roethlisberger, Lawrence Timmons)
Seattle Seahawks-7 (Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor, Jimmy Graham, Steven Hauschka, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson) 
Baltimore Ravens-6 (Sam Koch, C.J. Mosley, Justin Tucker,Eric Weddle, Brandon Williams, Marshal Yanda)
Dallas Cowboys-6 (Dan Bailey, Dez Bryant, Travis Fredrick, Sean Lee, Zach Martin, Tyron Smith)
Atlanta Falcons-5 (Matt Bosher, Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, Alex Mack, Desmond Trufant)
Chicago Bears-5 (Jerrell Freeman, Alshon Jeffrey, Kyle Long, Pernell McPhee, Danny Trevathan)
Cincinnati Bengals-5 (Geno Atkins, Tyler Eifert, A.J. Green, Andrew Whitworth, Kevin Zeitler)
Denver Broncos-5 (Chris Harris Jr., Brandon Marshall, Brandon McManus, Von Miller, T.J. Ward)
Indianapolis Colts-5 (Anthony Castonzo, Vontae Davis, Andrew Luck, Pat McAfee, Adam Vinatieri)
New England Patriots-5 (Tom Brady, Jamie Collins, Stephen Gostkowski, Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty)
New Orleans Saints-5 (Terron Armstead, Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Cameron Jordan, Max Unger)
New York Giants-5 (Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Brown, Damon Harrison, Eli Manning, Weston Richburg)
New York Jets-5 (Matt Forte, Nick Mangold, Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis, Muhammad Wilkerson)
Houston Texans-4 (DeAndre Hopkins, Jonathan Joseph, Shane Lechler, J.J. Watt)
Miami Dolphins-4 (Matt Darr, Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey, Ndamukong Suh)
Oakland Raiders-4 (Rodney Hudson, Khalil Mack, Kelechi Osemele, Dan Williams) 
Philadelphia Eagles-4 (Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, Donnie Jones, Jason Peters) 
Cleveland Browns-3 (Gary Barnidge, Andy Lee, Joe Thomas)
Detroit Lions-3 (Ezekiel Ansah, DeAndre Levy, Darius Slay)
Los Angeles Rams-3 (Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Johnny Hekker)
Minnesota Vikings-3 (Linval Joseph, Adrian Peterson, Harrison Smith)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-3 (Lavonte David, Doug Martin,Gerald McCoy) 
Tennessee Titans-3 (Jurrell Casey, Brett Kern, Delanie Walker)
Washington Redskins-3 (Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, Trent Williams) 
San Diego Chargers-2 (Antonio Gates, Phillip Rivers) 
San Francisco 49ers-2 (NaVorro Bowman, Joe Staley)
Jacksonville Jaguars-1 (Julius Thomas)

Concert Review: Bane (Farewell Show)-- Worcester, MA-- June 18th, 2016

Lineup: Bane, Saves the Day, Title Fight, Modern Life is War, The Promise, Right Brigade, Cruel Hand, Rude Awakening
Venue: The Palladium Downstairs, Worcester, MA
Date: June 18th, 2016

Rude Awakening: Arrived late and missed their set.

Cruel Hand: I arrived about halfway through their set. They were their reliably fun and furious selves and got a nice reception from surprisingly dense earlybird crowd. My only real complaint is that their vocalist is regressing rapidly each time I see them and I don't think he'll be able to continue to perform for much longer if this trend continues.

Right Brigade: Right Brigade was the first of two major reunions that occurred at this show. Right Brigade's initial run was not long at all (they formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2001), but they picked up a sizable, dedicated following during their short tenure as a band and went onto become cult icons in the Boston-area hardcore scene. I had never listened to them before the show and after seeing them, I probably never will again. Their music was the basically the blueprint for lifeless, by-the-numbers hardcore and featured none of the energy or emotion that's required for a band to thrive in this genre. Hardcore kids in my area will probably want to kick my ass for saying this, but I simply don't understand how Right Brigade is considered to be one of the most important acts in the lengthy history of Massachusetts hardcore.

The Promise: The Promise was the second long inactive band reuniting for this show and they were the exact opposite of Right Brigade. Their music hit hard as hell, their stage presence was massive and the passion that was behind their music was infectious. Based on the quality of this performance, you would have never known that these guys hadn't played together on a regular basis since 2005. Easily one of the best hardcore bands I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live.

Modern Life is War: I caught a lot of flack for being somewhat underwhelmed by Modern Life is War's live show when I saw them open for Converge at Deathwish Fest in July 2014. This time around was a different story as Modern Life is War completely tore it up. Their music is the perfect blend of aggression and melody, and the intensity frontman Jeffrey Eaton exhibited throughout was absolutely mesmerizing to watch. This performance was the push I needed to finally start digging into their heavily-praised discography.

Title Fight: Outside of Bane, Title Fight were the band I was most excited to see on this bill by a pretty wide margin. I was somewhat worried that they would disappoint me because of how much I disliked their latest album Hyperview, but they ended up being the deeply emotional force of nature I'd hoped they'd be live. The success of their set can largely be attributed to their decision to tailor their set to this show's hardcore punk audience and mostly play material from their first two albums (2011's Shed and 2012's Floral Green). The melodic punk riffs and raw, tortured vocal delivery from Jamie Rhoden on tracks like "Secret Society" and "Numb, but I Still Feel It" deeply resonated with the crowd by beautifully complementing the bittersweet vibe of the show. Now that my doubts about their live show have been officially shattered, I'd absolutely go see them again in the future.

Saves the Day: After a ton of speculation and rumors of bands such as Have Heart and Ruiner reuniting, Saves the Day ended up being the "very special guest" Bane teased when they announced this show back in March. The selection of Saves the Day seemed kind of unfitting at first, but as Bane frontman Aaron Bedard explained when he was thanking all of the bands for playing this show, their first U.S. tour ever was opening for them and they really wanted them to be apart of this show as a way of saying thank you for the support they've consistently shown them over the years.

The performance itself was fine. Between their breezy hooks and visible amount of fun they appear to be having performing, it's easy to understand how they've become one of the most acclaimed and unheralded veteran bands in the pop punk scene. Saves the Day offered up a nice reprieve from the hardcore bands that made up the rest of the bill and while they didn't necessarily blow me away, it's always cool to see an iconic act perform live.

Bane: In my lifetime, no hardcore band in Massachusetts has made bigger waves or commanded as much respect as Bane has. Like all great hardcore bands, they've forged a deep, emotional bond with their audience and made a significant impact on the scene with their messages of equality, tolerance and positivity. This show was essentially Bane's wake and over 2,000 of their most loyal fans had come out to pay their respects.

To be honest, I kind of felt like I shouldn't of been at this show. Hardcore is far from my favorite genre and there are so many Bane fans from around the world that would've killed to be in my shoes on Saturday night. I'm well-aware that this is a strange complaint for someone who was fortune to be from Massachusetts and attend Bane's final performance, it's just hard to not feel like an asshole when you're a casual fan at the final show of a band that has made a significant impact on so many people's lives.

The performance itself lined up with the atmosphere that ran through The Palladium the entire day. Bane left everything they had on the stage and gave their fans a performance filled with emotion, passion and immense gratitude. Every word of praise and appreciation that came out of Bedard's mouth was genuine and you could clearly tell how much it meant to the whole band that they got to put together this celebration of their career in their hometown.

As expected, the crowd went absolutely bananas the entire time they were on stage. There was non-stop stage dives, a ton of two-stepping and frequent hugs/moments of intimate bonding in the pit over all of the joy Bane had brought the hardcore scene over the course of their 20-year career. I can't think of too many other shows that I've been to since I started to going shows on a regular basis in 2005 that have generated this powerful of a crowd reaction.

Bane's set was an undeniably fitting and emotional swan song for their career, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't overwhelmed by the length of their set. At 2 hours and 15 minutes, the set became extremely tedious after about 75 minutes and I kept crossing my fingers that they would wrap it up during the last 10-15 songs they played. I once again felt like a douchebag as I stood around looking bored out of my skull while seemingly everyone else in the room was losing their minds as they ripped through this behemoth of a set that featured almost every song they've ever recorded. Even for a band of Bane's caliber, hardcore just isn't a genre that I feel is suited for epic-length sets. 
While this show caused me to feel a bizarre range of emotions, I'm ultimately glad that I was able to see Bane before they rode off into the sunset. I wish the entire band the best of luck in their future endeavors inside and outside of the music industry. 

Cruel Hand 7/10
Right Brigade 5/10
The Promise 8/10
Modern Life is War 8/10
Title Fight 7.5/10
Saves the Day 7/10
Bane 8/10

Modern Life is War included:
Chasing My Tail
By the Sea
Fuck the Sex Pistols

Title Fight (missing a couple of songs):
Numb, but I Still Feel It
Secret Society
Rose of Sharon
Like a Ritual
You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You
Crescent-Shaped Depression

Bane included:
Can We Start Again
Ante Up
Park St.
Lost at Sea
Ali vs. Frazier I
Count Me Out
My Therapy
Bang the Drum Slowly
As the World Turns
Swan Song
Domination (Pantera cover, breakdown only)

Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 NBA Mock Draft

The 2016 NBA Draft will be held just six days from now at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. With the many questions surrounding the depth of the player pool and polarizing opinions in league circles about nearly every prospect on the board, the 2016 draft class is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and mysterious ones in recent memory. Here's my relatively uneducated guess as to how the first round will unfold on Thursday.

1.Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons, forward (LSU)
2.Los Angeles Lakers: Brandon Ingram, forward (Duke)
3.Boston Celtics: Dragan Bender, forward/center (Croatia)
4.Phoenix Suns:Marquese Chriss, forward (Washington)
5.Minnesota Timberwolves: Jamal Murray, guard (Kentucky)
6.New Orleans Pelicans: Jaylen Brown, forward (California)
7.Denver Nuggets: Buddy Hield, guard (Oklahoma)
8.Sacramento Kings: Kris Dunn, guard (Providence)
9.Toronto Raptors: Jakob Poletl, forward/center (Utah)
10.Milwaukee Bucks: Henry Ellenson, forward/center (Marquette)
11.Orlando Magic:Deyonta Davis, forward (Michigan State)
12.Utah Jazz: Timothe Luwawu, guard (France)
13.Phoenix Suns: Skal Labissiere, forward (Kentucky)
14.Chicago Bulls: Domantas Sabonis, forward (Gonzaga)
15.Denver Nuggets: Brice Johnson, forward (North Carolina)
16.Boston Celtics: Furkan Korkmaz, guard (Turkey)
17.Memphis Grizzlies: Demetrius Jackson, guard (Notre Dame)
18.Detroit Pistons: Malachi Richardson, guard (Syracuse)
19.Denver Nuggets: Ante Zizic, center (Croatia)
20.Indiana Pacers: Ivica Zubac, center (Croatia)
21.Atlanta Hawks: Denzel Valentine, guard (Michigan State)
22.Charlotte Hornets: Taurean Prince, forward (Baylor)
23.Boston Celtics: Ben Bentil, forward (Providence)
24.Philadelphia 76ers: Tyler Ulis, guard (Kentucky)
25.Los Angeles Clippers: DeAndre' Bemby, forward (Saint Joseph's)
26.Philadelphia 76ers: Paul Zipser, forward (Germany)
27.Toronto Raptors: Patrick McCaw, guard (UNLV)
28.Phoenix Suns: Juan Hernangomez, forward (Spain)
29.San Antonio Spurs: Dejounte Murray, guard (Washington)
30.Golden State Warriors: Stephen Zimmerman, center (UNLV)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 NFL Position Rankings: Top 20 Punters

20.Brad Nortman (Jaguars)
19.Chris Jones (Cowboys)
18.Dustin Colquitt (Chiefs)
17.Jon Ryan (Seahawks)
16.Kevin Huber (Bengals) 
15.Ryan Allen (Patriots)
14.Thomas Morstead (Saints)
13.Tress Way (Redskins)
12.Bryan Anger (Buccaneers)
11.Sam Martin (Lions)
10.Colton Schmidt (Bills)
9.Andy Lee (Browns)
8.Matt Darr (Dolphins) 
7.Donnie Jones (Eagles)
6.Brett Kern (Titans)
5.Matt Bosher (Falcons)
4.Shane Lechler (Texans)
3.Sam Koch (Ravens) 
2.Johnny Hekker (Rams)
1.Pat McAfee (Colts)