Thursday, May 5, 2016

Album Review: A$AP Ferg-Always Strive and Prosper

The man that was once known as the "Trap Lord" appears to be in the middle of an identity crisis. After releasing one of the finest efforts the genre has ever seen with 2013's Trap Lord, Ferg went to great lengths to deviate from his established trap mold on his wildly uneven and often contrived 2014 mixtape Ferg Forever. The jarring tonal shifts and bizarre forays into more mellow, introspective material that dragged down the quality of Ferg Forever have somehow managed to get significantly worse on his second LP Always Strive and Prosper.

Ferg's willingness to experiment with pop, conscious and electronic-influenced hip-hop is undeniably ambitious, but when all of those genres are executed this poorly, that ambition ends up being meaningless. Everything from the overwhelmingly cheesy inspirational anthem "Strive" to the "sensitive" love song "I Love You" to the five-minute ode to his late grandmother cleverly titled "Grandma" is haphazardly put together and completely disingenuous. There's not a moment on any of these tracks where Ferg seems enthused by or actually believes anything of the words coming out of his mouth. The confident, in-your-face MC that ruled a vast majority of Trap Lord is nowhere to be found as he stumbles through his verses with a hesitant delivery and no real personality on display. This entire record feels like a blatant attempt to cash in on the biggest current trends in hip-hop (Drake and J. Cole's introspective, catchy take on pop rap, Kendrick Lamar's dense storytelling, Die Antwoord's hip house style) while sacrificing the heart, well-structured songwriting and genuineness that makes the music of the artists Ferg is trying so desperately to replicate here work. 

The only time Ferg sounds natural on Always Strive and Prosper is when he goes back to his trap roots. Singles "New Level" and "Let It Bang" gave me hope that Always Strive and Prosper would mark a return to form for Ferg after the extremely inconsistent Ferg Forever. On this duo of fiery bangers, Ferg lets the wit, grit and charisma he displayed in droves on Trap Lord loose in a major way. It's abundantly clear while listening to these tracks that this is Ferg exposing his true self and having a great time on the mic. "New Level" and "Let It Bang" are textbook examples of an artist that's locked in and on the top of their game. Unfortunately, these moments of triumph are too few and far between to make up for the rest of the album's uneven and often head-scratching nature. Ferg has ample talent and an excellent ear for beats, but until he stops his current obsession with an inorganic experimentation and returns to his trap roots, his music won't be listenable.

2/5 Stars
Standout Tracks
1.New Level (feat. Future)
2.Let it Bang (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Best and Worst of Anthony Mackie

The "Best and Worst" series profiles the best and worst work of an actor starring in one of the week's new theatrical releases. This week I take a look at the filmography of "Captain America: Civil War" star Anthony Mackie.

Film starring Anthony Mackie that I've seen:
8 Mile
Million Dollar Baby
The Man
Eagle Eye
The Hurt Locker
Night Catches Us
The Adjustment Bureau
What's Your Number?
Real Steel
Man on a Ledge
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Gangster Squad
Pain & Gain
Runner Runner
Captain America: The Winter Solider
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Night Before 

Best Performance: Pain & Gain (2013)
Up to this point in his career, Mackie had showed plenty of promise as a supporting actor, he just hadn't been given a substantial-enough role to showcase the full extent of his talents. That opportunity finally came in Michael Bay's twisted satire Pain & Gain. Alongside the equally brilliant Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, Mackie shines as a dim-witted, steroid-fueled weightlifter who aids in the kidnapping and extortion of a pompous, wealthy businessman (Tony Shaloub) who works out at the same gym as him. I sincerely hope that another opportunity arises for Mackie to play a hilarious, unhinged character like this because he's just too damn good at it.  

Worst Performance: N/A
Mackie becomes the second actor (Ironically, the other was his Triple 9 co-star Woody Harrelson) in the history of this series to not have a worst performance attached to their name. Mackie has been pretty good to downright excellent in every one of the films he's had a notable amount of screentime in and the handful of other films he's starred that don't fall under that umbrella he either wasn't in long enough to properly assess (8 Mile, What's Your Number?) or made the most out of his small role (Notorious, Real Steel). Mackie is one of the most gifted and versatile actors working today and if he continues to tackle his roles with the same level of passion and intensity he's shown throughout his first 15 years in Hollywood, he should be able to keep his perfect track record alive for the rest of his career. 

Best Film: The Hurt Locker (2009)
War films are very hit-or-miss for me. There are a fair number of classic films (Saving Private Ryan, Glory) that tell exceptional stories about heroism and bravery in the line of duty. However, I've found a lot of the recent war films (American Sniper, Act of Valor) to be more concerned with pushing a jingoist agenda than actually tackling the harsh realities of warfare and the psychological and emotional toll that it takes on the people involved. This recent wave of simplistic, lazy war films is why The Hurt Locker is such a refreshing and special film. The Hurt Locker has the courage to treat soldiers as human beings, not just faceless pawns in our government's foreign policy goals, by delving into why they chose to put their lives on the line for their country and what lasting effects combat can have on a human being without constantly ramming a political agenda down the audience's throat for two hours. We need more war films like this that tackle the human side of war and don't simply serve as mindless, masturbatory recruitment ad's for the United States Armed Forces.

Worst Film: What's Your Number? (2011)
This fucking movie man..... Aside from the completely torturous Sweet Home Alabama and Runaway Bride, I've never seen a more uninspired romantic comedy in my life than What's Your Number? This movie hits on an abundance of romcom cliches (woman awkwardly falls in front of her crush, central couple initially hates each other then falls in love after spending more time together, way too many other one's to name here) without having the clever humor or believable chemistry between the two leads (Anna Farris and Chris Evans) to offset the lack of creativity on display. Fortunately, none of the actors involved with this project had their career derailed because of it and they've collectively managed to avoid starring in films that are on this level of epic suckiness since this was released.

 Thank you for reading this week's installment of "The Best and Worst of". Next week, I'll take a look at the best and worst work of "The Lobster" star Colin Farrell.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Album Review: Fallujah-Dreamless

Bay Area technical/progressive death metal acts Fallujah went from being a promising upstart band with a decent sized albeit very passionate fanbase to one of the most hyped bands in extreme metal following the release of their widely-acclaimed sophomore LP The Flesh Prevails in 2014. The pressure to follow up an almost universally beloved album like The Flesh Prevails is immense, especially when you're a young act who hasn't previously garnered this level of attention while in the process of writing new material and are dealing with a genre of music whose fans are amongst the harshest critics on the planet. Fallujah thankfully didn't let their newfound prestige go to their heads. The euphoric and triumphant Dreamless is not only a worthy follow-up to The Flesh Prevails, it's a noticeable improvement over it on both a musical and emotional level.

Dreamless takes the distinct sound they established on The Flesh Prevails and essentially injects it with the musical equivalent of performance-enhancing drugs. The death metal parts hit harder, the solos from guitarist Scott Corstairs are more frequent and technically-dazzling, and the striking, often beautiful progressive elements make up a larger portion of the album. It might lack the freshness of the dramatic sound overhaul they introduced on The Flesh Prevails, but Dreamless sees the band taking that established sound to stunning new heights.

As always with Fallujah, they are at their best when they're frequently shifting between blistering technical death metal and emotionally-dense progressive/ambient rock over the course of the same song. The full-on aural assault of "Adrenaline" is punctuated with a mellow Middle Eastern-guitar influenced outro while the intense verses of "The Void Alone", "Amber Gaze" and "Wind for Wings" are broken up by lengthy mid-sections featuring gorgeous melodies and haunting, subtle clean vocals from guest vocalists Tori Letzler and Katie Thompson. It's pretty incredible to listen to a band that veers so frequently into deeply melodic/ambient territory without losing the sinister edge and jaw-dropping technicality that makes them a death metal powerhouse. There's been a flood of young prog/tech death bands that have released records in the past 18 months that have tried to copy their unconventional approach to the genre, but they don't even come close to matching the broad, sweeping scope and deep emotional impact that Fallujah consistently achieves with their music.  

The superb musicianship, layered songwriting and intoxicating atmosphere are still the most endearing elements of the record, but to be completely honest, anyone that has listened to their material in the past has come to expect those things on each release they put out. What elevates Dreamless past the rest of their discography is the stellar production. The biggest knock on The Flesh Prevails was its compressed production that made the entire record sound mechanical and forced all of the instruments to bleed into one another for the duration of the record. On Dreamless, every layer is given the proper space to breathe and it leads to all of the band's strengths reaching a new level of effectiveness. The well-balanced production highlights the power of each haunting melody, punchy riff, tortured scream, etc. they lay down in each song and ensures that all five members of the band get their respective times in the spotlight. Hopefully the band will continue to have production that matches or surpasses the crispness of Dreamless on their future releases.

Dreamless is the record I knew was Fallujah was capable of making since I first heard The Harvest Wombs in early 2012. The growth they continue to show as musicians and songwriters with each new release they put out is simply staggering and during a period of time where metal bands are releasing thoroughly underwhelming records at a seemingly record clip, it's a delight to experience a album that manages to get better each time you listen to it. Fallujah is inching closer to putting out a transcendent release and if they can continue to progress at their current rate, I wouldn't be shocked if their next release was a game-changing masterpiece that sent a lasting ripple effect throughout the entire metal community.  

4.5/5 Stars
Standout Tracks
2.The Void Alone
3.Amber Gaze

Monday, May 2, 2016

Movie Review: Keanu

The unique zaniness that Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele brought to the small screen for five seasons with their brilliant Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key & Peele has successfully transferred to the big screen. Keanu, the cult-favorite comedy duo's first foray into the world of cinema, essentially just takes the pair's infectious chemistry and relentlessly clever humor that made their show such a success and brings onto a larger scale.

At its core, Keanu is a film about the astonishing lengths a man (Peele) will go to get his beloved cat back. This story of a unique, special bond between a human being and their pet just happens to be told in the format of a flat-out insane, over-the-top action comedy. Director Pete Atencio-who was the go-to director on Key & Peele-does a phenomenal job of establishing a loose tone and blistering pace that's reminiscent of 90's buddy action comedies such as Bad Boys and Rush Hour. Like the aforementioned films, Keanu also does an excellent job of balancing manic, clever humor with a handful of impressive, huge action scenes. Given how well-choreographed and shot the film's shootouts and car chases are, Atencio proves here that his talents as a director stretch far out of the comedy realm. The absurdity of the premise (two nerdy cousins posing as hardened drug dealers to get the titular cat back from the gang that kidnapped him) and occasionally pitch-black humor will alienate some mainstream comedy audiences, but for those who aren't turned off by either of those things, Keanu is a consistently hilarious and wildly entertaining ride that proves Key and Peele should be able to sustain long, successful careers in Hollywood.

4/5 Stars

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 NFL Draft Recap

The 2016 NFL Draft officially came to a close last night after three thoroughly unpredictable days. Now that the chaos of the draft has subsided, here are my picks for which teams made the biggest splash and who missed the mark, the biggest reaches and steals and potential sleepers and busts.

Biggest Winners: Jacksonville Jaguars
After watching his team's offense headlined by 2014 draft picks quarterback Blake Bortles and wide receiver Allen Robinson explode in 2015, general manager Dave Caldwell knew his team needed to get stronger on defense in this draft and he delivered with a draft haul that is pretty much flawless on paper. The Jaguars pulled off a task that would've seemed impossible a week ago by landing two of the draft's most decorated prospects in cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Myles Jack-who fell out of the first round due to concerns about how his knee will hold up long-term-with their first two picks in the draft. Ramsey and Jack are both freakishly athletic, dynamic players that give the Jaguars some much-needed help at positions that were major weaknesses for them a season ago. In addition to Ramsey and Jack, the Jaguars acquired a pair of pass-rushing specialists in defensive end Yannick Ngakoue and defensive tackle Sheldon Day that should be able to come in and contribute in sub packages right away. Caldwell has drafted consistently well since he took over as the Jaguars GM in 2013 and 2016 could very well prove to be his finest work to-date. 
Honorable Mentions: Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens

Biggest Losers: Houston Texans
With the Jaguars plethora of young talent and the prospect of a healthy Andrew Luck returning to the Colts in 2016, the Texans are clearly panicking that they're going to fall behind in the AFC South hierarchy and it showed with their series of ill-advised draft selections. They used two of their first three draft picks on wide receivers in Will Fuller and Braxton Miller that have plenty of speed and athleticism, but limited experience running routes that aren't 20-25 yards downfield and terrible hands and their day three picks-with the exception of West Virginia safety K.J. Dillon-were all major reaches. This weak draft class paired with their head-scratching free agency moves gives me little faith that the Texans will be returning to the playoffs in 2016.
Dishonorable Mentions: Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions

Biggest Steal: Noah Spence, defensive end/outside linebacker (Round 2, 39th overall, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
It's amazing what past off-the-field issues will due to a player's draft stock. Despite not having a single failed drug test since he was dismissed from Ohio State in 2014 after testing positive for MDMA twice and impressing scouts with his transparency in pre-draft interviews, the highly talented Spence somehow managed to slip into the second round. With his power and burst off the edge, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Spence turned out to be the most productive pass rusher in this draft class. 
Honorable Mentions: Myles Jack, inside/outside linebacker (Round 2, 36th overall, Jacksonville Jaguars), Reggie Ragland, inside linebacker (Round 2, 41st overall, Buffalo Bills), Devonate Booker, running back (Round 4, 121st overall, Denver Broncos) 

Biggest Reach: Eli Apple, cornerback (Round 1, 10th overall, New York Giants)
After the Bears traded up to get Leonard Floyd at number nine overall and all of the top tackle prospects that weren't videotaped proudly ripping a bong were off-the board, Giants general manager Jerry Reese was clearly beside himself with what to do with the 10th overall pick. Instead of trading down or addressing a position that they hadn't just committed $62 million to in the offseason, Reese pulled the trigger on Ohio State corner Eli Apple. Not only did the Giants not need to draft a corner that high with Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie locked in as starters, Apple is without question one of the rawest cornerbacks in the entire 2016 draft class. Apple's over-reliance on using his hands to slow down receivers, terrible footwork and tendency to get burned by any receiver that's a remotely savvy route runner ensures that he's a long way away from seeing a lot of reps in the pros and if the Giants continue to underwhelm, this current regime won't even get the opportunity to develop him themselves.
Honorable Mentions: Keanu Neal, safety (Round 1, 17th overall, Atlanta Falcons), Will Fuller, wide receiver (Round 1, 21st overall, Houston Texans), Leonard Floyd (Round 1, 9th overall, Chicago Bears)

10 Biggest Potential Sleepers:
1.Alex Collins, running back (Round 5, 171st overall, Seattle Seahawks)
2.Pharoh Cooper, wide receiver (Round 4, 117th overall, Los Angeles Rams)
3.Jerrell Adams, tight end (Round 6, 184th overall, New York Giants)
4.Kentrell Brothers, inside/outside linebacker (Round 5, 160th overall, Minnesota Vikings)
5.Sheldon Day, defensive tackle (Round 4, 103rd overall, Jacksonville Jaguars)
6.Hassan Ridgeway, defensive tackle (Round 4, 116th overall, Indianapolis Colts)
7.Joshua Perry, inside linebacker (Round 4, 102nd overall, San Diego Chargers)
8.Deon Bush, safety (Round 4, 124th overall, Chicago Bears)
9.Kolby Listenbee, wide receiver (Round 6, 192nd overall, Buffalo Bills)
10.Scooby Wright III, inside linebacker (Round 7, 250th overall, Cleveland Browns)

10 Biggest Potential Busts:
1.Eli Apple, cornerback (Round 1, 10th overall, New York Giants)
2.Will Fuller, wide receiver (Round 1, 21st overall, Houston Texans)
3.Keanu Neal, safety (Round 1, 17th overall, Atlanta Falcons)
4.Robert Nkemdiche, defensive tackle (Round 1, 29th overall, Arizona Cardinals)
5.A'Shawn Robinson, defensive tackle (Round 2, 42nd overall, Detroit Lions)
6.Josh Doctson, wide receiver (Round 1, 22nd overall, Washington Redskins)
7.Xavien Howard, cornerback (Round 2, 38th overall, Miami Dolphins)
8.Austin Johnson, defensive tackle (Round 2, 42nd overall, Tennessee Titans)
9.Jihad Ward, defensive end/outside linebacker (Round 2, 44th overall, Oakland Raiders)
10.Christian Hackenberg, quarterback (Round 2, 51st overall, New York Jets)

Draft Grades by Team: (team-by-team draft classes can be found here:
Arizona Cardinals: B-
Atlanta Falcons: C-
Baltimore Ravens: A-
Buffalo Bills: A-
Carolina Panthers: C+
Chicago Bears: B+
Cincinnati Bengals: B+
Cleveland Browns: B
Dallas Cowboys: B
Denver Broncos: B+
Detroit Lions: C
Green Bay Packers: B
Houston Texans: D+
Indianapolis Colts: B+
Kansas City Chiefs: B
Jacksonville Jaguars: A+
Los Angeles Rams: B+
Miami Dolphins: C-
Minnesota Vikings: B
New England Patriots: B+
New Orleans Saints: A-
New York Giants: B+
New York Jets: B-
Oakland Raiders: B
Philadelphia Eagles: C+
Pittsburgh Steelers: B
San Diego Chargers: B+
San Francisco 49ers: B
Seattle Seahawks: A
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: B+
Tennessee Titans: B
Washington Redskins: A-

Saturday, April 30, 2016

20 Best Prospects Available on Day 3 of the 2016 NFL Draft

While a majority of the draft's most intriguing players have been selected over the first three rounds, there are still plenty of promising prospects and potential starters on the board going into the final four rounds of the draft. Here are my picks for the 20 best players still available going into day three of the 2016 NFL Draft.

1.Devonate Booker, running back (Utah)
2.Andrew Billings, defensive tackle (Baylor)
3.Jeremy Cash, safety (Duke)
4.Alex Collins, running back (Arkansas)
5.Kenneth Dixon, running back (Louisiana Tech)
6.Pharaoh Cooper, wide receiver (South Carolina)
7.Christian Westerman, guard (Arizona State)
8.Jerrell Adams, tight end (South Carolina)
9.Jack Allen, center (Michigan State)
10.Kentrell Brothers, inside linebacker (Missouri)
11.Hassan Ridgeway, defensive tackle (Texas)
12.Connor McGovern, guard (Missouri)
13.K.J. Dillon, safety (West Virginia)
14.Rashard Higgins, wide receiver (Colorado State)
15.Brandon Allen, quarterback (Arkansas)
16.Sheldon Day, defensive tackle (Notre Dame)
17.Jerald Hawkins, tackle (LSU)
18.Dak Prescott, quarterback (Mississippi State)
19.Charles Tapper, defensive end/outside linebacker (Oklahoma)
20.Scooby Wright III, inside linebacker (Arizona)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 NFL Draft: Top 50 Prospects + Top 5 Players By Position

Draft day has finally arrived! After spending an unholy amount of time breaking down game tape and reading scouting reports over the past two and a half months, here are my picks for the 50 best prospects and five best players at each position in the 2016 NFL Draft.
(Updated 5/1 with prospects NFL teams)

Top 50 Overall Prospects
1.Joey Bosa, defensive end/outside linebacker (Ohio State) Selected 3rd overall by the San Diego Chargers
2.Jalen Ramsey, cornerback/safety (Florida State) Selected 5th overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars
3.Ezekiel Elliot, running back (Ohio State) Selected 4th overall by the Dallas Cowboys
4.Myles Jack, inside/outside linebacker (UCLA) Selected 36th overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars
5.Vernon Hargreaves, cornerback (Florida) Selected 11th overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6.Ronnie Stanley, tackle (Notre Dame) Selected 6th overall by the Baltimore Ravens
7.Jared Goff, quarterback (California) Selected 1st overall by the Los Angeles Rams
8.Carson Wentz, quarterback (North Dakota State) Selected 2nd overall by the Philadelphia Eagles
9.Karl Joseph, safety (West Virginia) Selected 14th overall by the Oakland Raiders
10.Laremy Tunsil, tackle (Mississippi) Selected 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins
11.Noah Spence,defensive end/outside linebacker (Eastern Kentucky) Selected 39th overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12.Jack Conklin, tackle (Michigan State) Selected 8th overall by the Tennessee Titans
13.Shaq Lawson, defensive end/outside linebacker (Clemson) Selected 19th overall by the Buffalo Bills
14.DeForest Buckner, defensive tackle/end (Oregon) Selected 7th overall by the San Francisco 49ers
15.Ryan Kelly, center (Alabama) Selected 18th overall by the Indianapolis Colts
16.Reggie Ragland, inside linebacker (Alabama) Selected 41st overall by the Buffalo Bills
17.Corey Coleman, wide receiver (Baylor) Selected 15th overall by the Cleveland Browns
18.Laquon Treadwell, wide receiver (Mississippi) Selected 23rd overall by the Minnesota Vikings
19.Cody Whitehair, guard (Kansas State) Selected 56th overall by the Chicago Bears
20.William Jackson III, cornerback (Houston) Selected 24th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals
21.Artie Burns, cornerback (Miami) Selected 25th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers
22.Derrick Henry, running back (Alabama) Selected 45th overall by the Tennessee Titans
23.Vonn Bell, safety (Ohio State) Selected 61st overall by the New Orleans Saints
24.Sterling Shepard, wide receiver (Oklahoma) Selected 40th overall by the New York Giants
25.Darron Lee, inside/outside linebacker (Ohio State) Selected 20th overall by the New York Jets
26.Mackensie Alexander, cornerback (Clemson) Selected 54th overall by the Minnesota Vikings
27.Jaylon Smith, inside/outside linebacker (Notre Dame) Selected 34th overall by the Dallas Cowboys
28.Devonate Booker, running back (Utah) Selected 136th overall by the Denver Broncos
29.Andrew Billings, defensive tackle (Baylor) Selected 122nd overall by the Cincinnati Bengals
30.Jarran Reed, defensive tackle (Alabama) Selected 49th overall by the Seattle Seahawks
31.Kevin Dodd, defensive end/outside linebacker (Clemson) Selected 33rd overall by the Tennessee Titans
32.Tyler Boyd, wide receiver (Pittsburgh) Selected 55th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals
33.Chris Jones, defensive tackle/end (Mississippi State) Selected 37th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs
34.Vernon Butler, defensive tackle (Louisiana Tech) Selected 30th overall by the Carolina Panthers
35.Alex Collins, running back (Arkansas)Selected 171st overall by the Seattle Seahawks
36.Michael Thomas, wide receiver (Ohio State) Selected 47th overall by the New Orleans Saints
37.Leonard Floyd, defensive end/outside linebacker (Georgia) Selected 9th overall by the Chicago Bears
38.Taylor Decker, tackle (Ohio State) Selected 16th overall by the Detroit Lions
39.Sheldon Rankins, defensive tackle (Louisville) Selected 12th overall by the New Orleans Saints
40.Kenneth Dixon, running back (Louisiana Tech) Selected 134th overall by the Baltimore Ravens
41.Hunter Henry, tight end (Arkansas) Selected 34th overall by the San Diego Chargers
42.Alex Garnett, guard (Stanford) Selected 28th overall by the San Francisco 49ers
43.Paxton Lynch, quarterback (Memphis) Selected 26th overall by the Denver Broncos
44.Su'a Cravens, linebacker/safety (USC) Selected 53rd overall by the Washington Redskins 
45.Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end/outside linebacker (Oklahoma State) Selected 32nd overall by the Cleveland Browns
46.Kendall Fuller, cornerback (Virginia Tech) Selected 84th overall by the Washington Redskins
47.Darian Thompson, safety (Boise State) Selected 71st overall by the New York Giants
48.Pharaoh Cooper, wide receiver (South Carolina) Selected 117th overall by the Los Angeles Rams
49.Cyrus Jones, cornerback (Alabama) Selected 62nd overall by the New England Patriots
50.Justin Simmons, safety (Boston College) Selected 98th overall by the Denver Broncos

Top 5 Players by Position:
1.Jared Goff (California) NFL team: Los Angeles Rams
2.Carson Wentz (North Dakota State) NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles
3.Paxton Lynch (Memphis) NFL team: Denver Broncos
4.Brandon Allen (Arkansas) NFL team: Jacksonville Jaguars
5.Jacoby Brissett (NC State) NFL team: New England Patriots

Running Back
1.Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State) NFL team: Dallas Cowboys
2.Derrick Henry (Alabama) NFL team: Tennessee Titans
3.Devonate Booker (Utah) NFL team: Denver Broncos
4.Alex Collins (Arkansas) NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
5.Kenneth Dixon (Louisiana Tech) NFL team: Baltimore Ravens

Wide Receiver
1.Corey Coleman (Baylor) NFL team: Cleveland Browns
2.Laquon Treadwell (Mississippi) NFL team: Minnesota Vikings
3.Sterling Shepard (Oklahoma) NFL team: New York Giants
4.Tyler Boyd (Pittsburgh) NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals
5.Michael Thomas (Ohio State) NFL team: New Orleans Saints

Tight End
1.Hunter Henry (Arkansas) NFL team: San Diego Chargers
2.Jerrell Adams (South Carolina) NFL team: New York Giants
3.Austin Hooper (Stanford) NFL team: Atlanta Falcons
4.Nick Vannett (Ohio State) NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
5.Ben Braunecker (Harvard) NFL team: Chicago Bears

1.Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame) NFL team: Baltimore Ravens
2.Laremy Tunsil (Mississippi) NFL team: Miami Dolphins
3.Jack Conklin (Michigan State) NFL team: Tennessee Titans
4.Taylor Decker (Ohio State) NFL team: Detroit Lions
5.Jason Spriggs (Indiana) NFL team: Green Bay Packers

1.Cody Whitehair (Kansas State) NFL team: Chicago Bears
2.Alex Garnett (Stanford) NFL team: San Francisco 49ers
3.Christian Westerman (Arizona State) NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals
4.Connor McGovern (Missouri) NFL team: Denver Broncos
5.Vadal Alexander (LSU) NFL team: Oakland Raiders

1.Ryan Kelly (Alabama) NFL team: Indianapolis Colts
2.Nick Martin (Notre Dame) NFL team: Houston Texans
3.Jack Allen (Michigan State) NFL team: New Orleans Saints
4.Evan Boehm (Missouri) NFL team: Arizona Cardinals
5.Max Turek (USC) NFL team: San Diego Chargers

Defensive Tackle
1.DeForest Buckner (Oregon) NFL team: San Francisco 49ers
2.Andrew Billings (Baylor) NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals
3.Jarran Reed (Alabama) NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
4.Chris Jones (Mississippi State) NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs
5.Vernon Butler (Louisiana Tech) NFL team: Carolina Panthers

Edge Defenders (Defensive End/Outside Linebacker)
1.Joey Bosa (Ohio State) NFL team: San Diego Chargers
2.Noah Spence (Eastern Kentucky) NFL team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3.Shaq Lawson (Clemson) NFL team: Buffalo Bills
4.Kevin Dodd (Clemson) NFL team: Tennessee Titans
5.Leonard Floyd (Georgia) NFL team: Chicago Bears

Inside Linebacker:
1.Myles Jack (UCLA) NFL team: Jacksonville Jaguars
2.Reggie Ragland (Alabama) NFL team: Buffalo Bills
3.Darron Lee (Ohio State) NFL team: New York Jets
4.Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame) NFL team: Dallas Cowboys
5.Su'a Cravens (USC) NFL team: Washington Redskins

1.Jalen Ramsey (Florida State) NFL team: Jacksonville Jaguars
2.Vernon Hargreaves (Florida) NFL team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3.William Jackson III (Houston) NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals
4.Artie Burns (Miami) NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers
5.Mackensie Alexander (Clemson) NFL team: Minnesota Vikings

1.Karl Joseph (West Virginia) NFL team: Oakland Raiders
2.Vonn Bell (Ohio State) NFL team: New Orleans Saints
3.Darian Thompson (Boise State) NFL team: New York Giants
4.Justin Simmons (Boston College) NFL team: Denver Broncos
5.T.J. Green (Clemson) NFL team: Indianapolis Colts